Schneider: local mining potential of energy efficiency in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
Of (among) all the multinational company President, schneider electric group President and CEO Jean - Pascal Tricoire is undoubtedly a & other; Throughout China &; , he not only can skillfully use Chinese dialogue, and timely research & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning and other documents, discover schneider electric's business opportunities. Jean - Pascal Tricoire has a very Chinese name & ndash; — He. He know very well for the Chinese market, before he became President of global, once worked for five years here, like China's history, culture, love travel in China, there are a lot of friends in more than 20 years, pay close attention to the topic on weibo and debate. At the same time, the Chinese market is becoming more and more big in schneider electric weight of the landscape in the world, China is now schneider electric the world's second largest market after the United States, China, sales accounted for 10% of global sales of schneider electric, number of employees is more than the United States, France, the world's first. Recently, schneider electric to the international energy agency ( IEA) Released in Hong Kong, China & other; Throughout the 2012 world energy outlook &; 。 Each year, the international energy agency has issued such a report, the focus of this year is & other; Mining using the potential of energy efficiency & throughout; , which is China to achieve & other; Five-year & throughout; Plan put forward the important path of energy conservation and emissions reduction target. In the press conference, he accepted the interview, he said: over the next 20 years, China could become the world's largest countries of energy consumption. But if China can adopt the update technology, the situation may be changing. Through effective energy solutions, can save 230 mw coal power generation, as well as the 120 mw gas power generation, equivalent to one-third of China's annual power consumption. “ Now the price of energy is very high, the price of oil is 10 ~ 20 dollars a barrel in the past, now is as high as 80 ~ 100 dollars, some countries need to import oil, spending has been very high; Secondly, the problem of pollution is also very serious, many urban residents of all complaints they encountered on the weibo industrial pollution. ” He told the newspaper, & other; On the use of energy efficiency, China is lower than the United States and Europe. In China & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning unit energy consumption reduced by 16%, must want to excavate potential of energy efficiency, pay attention to saving energy and reducing consumption. ” Cost considerations often becomes the enterprise efficiency & other Stand in the way & throughout; , he says, the enterprise investment in energy efficiency of general return period is three years. In addition, the energy efficiency investment also can reduce consumer spending, reduce the government subsidies, reduction of oil and gas imports, reduce pollution, improve the level of people's health. He calculated brushstroke zhang, & other; Building a power plant, may provide 100 jobs, power plant construction at the same time take a long time, would grow up to ten years to recover the cost. And if the buildings equipped with renovation, into intelligent building, may provide thousands of jobs, work is also very fast, will pay for a few months. ” “ Localization & throughout; Is the key to the success in China of schneider electric, schneider electric in the localization of China has a high-quality management team, are keen to capture policy trend and market demand, more targeted products and solutions, which makes it more than other multinational companies in the same industry can be close to the market. He summed up & other; Schneider electric's success factors & throughout; Said: & other; First, schneider electric and local partners relations of cooperation. We do any business, will cooperate with local partners, the partners will be the integration of science and technology become a solution; Second, we are very trust local talent, schneider electric China is Chinese, finance, also Chinese, head of the entire team of thinking are all Chinese, they have a lot of power on their own decisions; Third, the Chinese team has global decision-making ability, we are a global meeting, there must be a China team is present, participation in decision-making; Fourth, has a local r&d team is very important, because they understand local needs, most research and development of products and solutions can be quickly to the market; Fifth, we have very good relations and government and university, and in this way we can guarantee the strategic fit & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning. Such as the planning of energy efficiency, digital, etc. , and the great development of western development, northeast, etc. , we are strategies, is a good way to cooperate with these policies. ” “ China is the world's most complex market, the Chinese see a problem method is different from the west. ” He said, & other; If success in China, can also be largely to success in the world. ”
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