Schneider: help China's urban central heating energy consumption management

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
Beijing, China on January 25, 2013, & ndash; Global energy efficiency management experts, schneider electric has attended the third regional energy summit and keynote, mainly introduced for solving urban central heating energy consumption of the energy management platform and system, and from the National Development and Reform Commission's National Energy Administration, China association of urban heating and Beijing thermal group leaders, industry customers such as an in-depth discussion, common focus on the central heating energy consumption problem solution. Schneider electric China, vice President, said cheong, energy services & other; Central heating is an important part of building energy consumption, energy consumption has a considerable potential of energy conservation and emissions reduction, at present the heating energy consumption accounts for 10% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, but the heating system heat loss is as high as 30%. With the deepening of China's urbanization strategy, energy demand will rise further. As the world's energy efficiency management experts, schneider electric heating industry in the city after accumulation and development in the field of energy saving and efficiency increasing, already have the perfect solution and practice experience, to help customers control the heating energy consumption, effectively improve the heating units of energy consumption, reduce cities help countries achieve the implementation of the energy conservation and emissions reduction targets. ” At present, urban centralized heat supply is facing energy-consuming, high pollution and low efficiency of heating way, and many other challenges. , says schneider electric heat source, the operation of the pipe networks and heat exchange station management automation degree is low, the lack of effective monitoring of heat exchanger station secondary pipe network and management, making it difficult to realize the heating system from the perspective of comprehensive, macro energy efficient operation and index evaluation, secondly, the low efficiency of heat system is the main factor of energy consumption, heat supply network of heat loss, leakage and heat supply network along the hydraulic imbalance makes a serious imbalance between thermodynamic equilibrium. At the same time, the existing system of indoor is not easy for local regulation, resulting in waste of energy. To solve these problems, schneider electric has rich experience in the field of energy efficiency management, focus on providing intelligent control solution of city heating industry, and through a series of energy analysis system including heat supply network simulation system, geographic information system to realize the efficient management of energy consumption, etc. Especially Termis heat supply network simulation system, the various functional module set together, formed the most advanced, powerful, wide area power network simulation platform, improve the design and operation of the heating system; Improve energy efficiency and hydraulic performance, and reduce energy cost and operation maintenance cost and customer complaints, and heat supply network construction investment. At present, schneider electric has already successfully implemented several projects in the field, such as high energy management for central heating project. Project, by schneider electric for rui Yang energy management center heating company provides a complete set of energy management solutions, including indoor temperature sampling collected through the Internet of things technology, motor frequency control of motor speed, the source management center, energy management system, geographic information system network asset management, energy balance calculation, heat supply network simulation, heating costs and fees management, global energy management and performance appraisal, etc. Among them, the implementation of the energy management center, energy management center is a major function is to provide a unified energy information management platform, through the existing light communications network and remote user feedback information, and to monitor the central heating, achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption.
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