Schneider for Europe 'small fish' high-power inverter market determined

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
Snyder has said it would acquire Austria VATECHELINEBGElektronik company, the acquisition is based on the basis of long-term cooperation between the two companies, and in 2004 they had previously with schneider Toshiba makes and VATECHELINEBG accounted for 60% and 40% of the proportion of each set up a joint venture. Schneider as inverter one of the main manufacturers of products through the acquisition will further strengthen its in high power products ( More than 75 kw) In the leading position. VATECHELINEBGElektronik in development and production of high-power inverter products have many years experience and professional knowledge, its product brand pDRIVE enjoys high reputation in Germany and Austria, the company has only 114 employees, 2005 output value of 34 million euros. Acquisition VATECHELINEBGElektronik completely conform to the schneider aims to expand the development strategy of the inverter product line, schneider hope that through this acquisition will achieve its investment capital gains before three years.
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