Schneider energy efficiency management for global consumption by 15%

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
Recently, the global energy efficiency management expert schneider electric announced its energy action plan has been successfully launched in 2005, make 160 workplace to reduce energy consumption by 15%, and will be completed in 2014, 25% of the energy and goals. This is schneider electric since release energy action plan in 2005, acting on another powerful testimony of leading industry to realize saving energy and reducing consumption. Energy action plan is a set of comprehensive utilization of the schneider electric energy efficiency management software and hardware solutions, and professional technology and method of energy-saving synergistic action. This action aims to schneider electric's overall energy efficiency management solution is applied to the company itself, various places through energy audit and energy efficiency management, realization of energy such as electricity, gas and oil consumption, and to improve employee's perception of products and energy saving and efficiency increasing knowledge. Released in 2005, schneider electric, the scheme is set for reducing energy consumption in each person, each production places the 10% target. To this end, the company in after the initial audit, clearly put forward by the end of 2011, invested millions of euros for all its sites installed nearly 500 sets of frequency converter, 1900 meters and hundreds of sensors, controllers and other building management system. At the same time, the company will also lighting replacement for the original lighting system, low energy consumption and higher efficiency of heat engine installation. In the end, this goal successfully in the global scope, some places even overfulfilled. At the same time, it is estimated that these investments will also recycle all within 3 years. After the great energy and achievements, schneider electric is put forward to realize the goal of energy saving 10% again in 2014. With its new company plan & other; 连接” To advance ceaselessly, schneider electric StruxureWare energy efficiency management software and related services on the basis of a series of measures, ensure the realization of the goal. Including: in its global more than 5000 square meters of site application of schneider electric energy efficiency monitoring platform & ndash; — StruxureWare management software, energy saving and efficiency increasing use StruxureWare Resource Advisor ( Resources consultant) Implementation evaluation of energy use, check the accuracy, optimize supply contracts and implement energy saving; At the same time, the group of 20 places to implement the ISO 50001 certification, and implementation of global service contract index, in order to help realize the goal of energy saving. Schneider electric energy manager Jean - action Yves Blanc said, & other; Compared with other industrial sites, schneider electric energy consumption quantity is very little. But we still hope that through their own technology in the field of global energy efficiency management and related to the overall solution, building energy-saving model to the industry. Currently, schneider electric has a complete set of the stability of the solutions and measures for the administration to help themselves realize the goal of consumption and the result, we believe that this experience will also be able to provide customers around the world to support energy saving and efficiency increasing. ”
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