Schneider electric to launch more inverter ATV61F power level

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
Schneider electric recently launched a 0. 75 - 250 kw of power is generally frequency converter - load applications ATV61F。 This product based on schneider electric star inverter ATV61 mature technical improvement and application of more targeted, use more convenient, stable and reliable performance, both safety and energy saving, in the season for fan or pump can effect the highest can amount to 70% and 50% respectively, fully embodies the schneider electric & other; Simple and easy, derived from innovation & throughout; The product concept. Fan and pump is widely used in water treatment, power plant, petroleum and petrochemical, hvac, thermal heating tunnels, tunnels and other industries, traditionally their high power consumption of high energy costs in these jobs. 《“ 11th five-year plan & throughout; The ten major energy conservation project implementation opinion 'pointed out that motor system power consumption accounts for about 60% of the electricity consumption, the fan power consumption accounts for the power consumption of 10. 4%, the pump motor of 20. 9%. The industrial energy saving & other; Five-year & throughout; Plan made it clear to focus on reconstruction of high power consumption and small and medium-sized motor fan and pump system. And use frequency converter for motor speed regulation, can reduce the energy consumption of the motor, thus saving energy costs. “ Inverter in China's industrial transformation and upgrading, especially in energy conservation and efficiency plays a very important role, schneider electric is committed to constantly develop suitable for different areas of the customer the demand of the inverter products to help reduce energy costs and improve production process. The launch of ATV61F general load application of frequency converter is schneider electric to the Chinese market based on the needs of rapid response, is committed to bring the original equipment manufacturers ( OEM) , the end user, and complete equipment factory with good benefits and superior cost-effective outstanding experience. ” Schneider electric China co. , LTD. , inverter marketing manager Hu Xiao said. ATV61F provides 22 different power levels to choose from, maximum limit satisfy the present motor system converter for the power demand, can be widely used in hvac, water supply and water treatment, power plants, petrochemical, general load application domains such as thermal heating, cement fan. It solely with EMC filter and the standard of dc reactor, can effectively reduce the external interference and reduce harmonic influence; Full of circuit board are standard to strengthen protective coating, can be used effectively deal with all kinds of bad environment. In addition, the perfect frequency converter and motor protection function is also a major highlight of ATV61F, it not only to all-round protection of the inverter itself, but also to improve the motor system of thermal protection, over-current protection, mechanical protection, etc. ATV61F also provides many languages such as Chinese senior graphic operation terminal, pump more CARDS and various options, have a simple user menu and structure, to meet different application requirements is easier to debug and maintain at the same time, improve work efficiency greatly. ATV61F fully comply with the principles of ecological friendly in design, material 90% can be recycled, is accord with environmental standards ISO14040 ecological design of the product. The birth of ATV61F enhances the schneider electric converter the competitiveness of the products in the Chinese market, at the same time laid a solid foundation for further deepening China's market. Schneider electric will be waged a three-month ATV61F, 13 cities all over the country's promotional activities, the first stop in Shanghai. High performance general load application of frequency converter - more power level ATV61F
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