Schneider electric launch performance of ATV ride 900 series inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-03
Recently, the global energy efficiency management expert schneider electric launched its ATV royal cheng ( ATV Process) The new members of the family of series inverter & ndash; — ATV range 900 series inverter. ATV royal 900 series inverter inherits the ATV royal cheng cheng series with the advantage of the service oriented, and with the updated mechanical transmission control performance for the perfect combination of its addition to the extended ATV royal cheng series inverter family realized the full application requirements of the industry, extensive coverage. Schneider electric China's industrial division said wen-xiu han, control and drive sales department & other; ATV royal cheng 900 series inverter is a new focus on complex mechanical transmission application tool, it's join can make service oriented ATV royal cheng series implementation in industry application scope extended greatly. It also lets users can benefit from more complex applications, performance, efficiency, and operation management level of comprehensive promotion. ” Service oriented, power operation and engineering development at present, the user when choosing high-end inverter, should not only consider the performance of the products, also attaches great importance to product in the operation and management of energy efficiency and the value of project development, etc. As ATV the newest member of the royal cheng series, ATV royal cheng 900 series has inherited this series of products the prominent advantages of service oriented. Its service functions such as the built-in web server, can realize the function such as asset management, and process performance optimization, but also by providing real-time online data and the remote online maintenance, for industrial users with intelligent operating tools and higher added value. And in the user's project development phase, ATV royal cheng 900 series can also bring some advantages. ATV, for example, the royal cheng 900 series can and schneider electric's M580 high-end PLC to realize seamless, integrated in the programming suite M580 ATV royal cheng series of DTM function block, for users to real-time call, in the process of programming for the user's engineering development has brought the convenience of time and cost. Rich performance upgrade, extending the industry application of ATV royal cheng 900 series is a focus on high-end inverter complex mechanical transmission applications. Compared with schneider electric original ATV71 inverter, ATV royal 900 on product performance to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, especially with the more excellent accuracy of dynamic response. For example, two ATV royal cheng 900 series frequency converter need not connected to the PLC, can directly for point-to-point optical fiber communications, has markedly improved and the control accuracy and real-time performance. And on the flexibility and cost performance, ATV royal cheng 900 series also has greatly improved. For example, for ATV royal cheng 900 rectifier and inverter and energy feedback four quadrant operation module, user can use it as a separate standard products to purchase, implements the on-demand supplied; Compared with previous standard solution, ATV royal process the volume of 900 sets of cabinet put oneself in another's position has been greatly reduced. These improvements, making the ATV royal cheng 900 series inverter used in motor drive and the common dc bus plan more significantly improved its flexibility and cost performance, it also in a series of high demand, for its complex applications in space opened up a new application. Metallurgical industry, for example, hot and cold rolling and steel, the main drive of papermaking industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry of the drilling rig shore crane, port machinery and widely used in automobile manufacturing, maintenance, and the application of research and development of dynamometer. To adapt to the demand, improve energy efficiency and security in recent years, the challenge of energy and security become industrial users issue urgently, to promote the efficiency of energy and safety has become a product and solution development important direction. Whereas ATV royal cheng 900 series in the two aspects to provide users with a powerful booster and assurance. In the management of energy efficiency, ATV royal cheng 900 series integrated hardware and the control of energy efficiency function block. Users can real-time measuring the efficiency of equipment on the spot data, record and query, also can carry on the analysis based on the abundant energy data information mining, and on this basis timely adjust the production process, to achieve continuous improvement of energy efficiency level. Equipment for industrial Ethernet good support on the one hand, let the high rate and high reliability of data communication to become a reality, on the other hand has also brought to the pressing needs of the information security industry. To protect the user in the application of foolproof, ATV royal cheng 900 series has passed the well-known Achilles secondary authentication, network information security domain can effectively eliminate the threats from industrial information security risk for users.
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