Schneider electric launch ATV1200 high voltage frequency converter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
ATV1200 adopted the high voltage inverter one of the most mature technology & ndash; — ‘ Multilevel series & rsquo; To realize the high voltage output, ensure the machine and equipment running smoothly, reduce energy costs. It consists of the transformer tank, power unit cabinet, control cabinet of three parts, less cable wires, integration of a variety of accessories, compact structure. Input used 24 ~ 48 pulse rectifier, current harmonic distortion rate less than 2% THDi, almost do not produce harmonic; The output has a 3/3. 3 kv, 6/6。 6 kv, 10 kv and so on many levels, a near perfect sine wave output & ndash; — “ Clean and friendly & throughout; Designed to reduce bearing, mechanical vibration of the blade, which can effectively protect the motor and equipment. The main controller based on DSP, FPGA, CPLD contemporary most advanced electronics, computing speed is fast, reliable work. ATV1200 also built into the grid synchronous switching, PID, speed application functions such as starting, synchronous motor excitation control. 10 'in both Chinese and English touch screen man-machine interface, showed clear, easy to operate; Menu has maintained the ATV series consistent & other; Simple pure wisdom & throughout; Style. Dry type transformer tank integrated input isolation transformer, the integrated design; Up to 48 pulse, low harmonic; The overall class H insulation, vacuum pressure impregnation process production; With three-phase temperature inspection instrument. Power low voltage IGBT unit ark unit series connection technology, mature and reliable; Multilevel PWM control, perfect sine wave output; Slippery course to install, easy to change. Optical fiber connection, high speed and reliable. Advanced master controller based on DSP, CPLD, FPGA system; Integration of small PLC, mature technology, convenient and reliable; 10 inch touch screen in Chinese, debugging easy; Can match UPS to ensure that the master can work in any case.
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