Schneider electric 'gen began now' summit interviews

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
On February 21st, global energy efficiency management expert schneider electric was held in 2014 in hainan boao PlantStruxureNOW! “ A change in now & throughout; Customer summit, schneider electric's customers, partners, industry experts and media such as the participation of more than 300 guests, discuss in industrial automation industry's energy efficiency management under the current economic environment and market demand. , schneider electric, during the PlantStruxure automation framework together a number of major innovation products and technologies, fully display its further innovation and breakthrough in the management of energy efficiency. “ Innovation & throughout; At the meeting is the summit of the main tone, schneider electric to China market officially launched three new pioneering product, PlantStruxure too? The core component of - under collaborative automation architecture - - - - - - ATV royal series (cheng ATVProcess) ,PlantStruxurePES和ModiconM580 ( Modicon M580) Series of ePAC. Schneider electric ( China) Co. , LTD. , senior vice President of Xu Jun, schneider electric industrial group senior vice President DavidOrgaz and schneider electric industrial group inverter business, senior vice President of AlainDedieu three bosses all attend the summit, and accepted more than a dozen professional media interviews. Schneider electric ( China) Co. , LTD. , senior vice President of Xu Jun ATVProcess: frequency conversion & other; Royal & throughout; Driving personal expedition schneider electric reputation in the field of low voltage electrical and control system was once covered the light of the variable frequency drive business, but as the energy efficiency management specialist position gradually thorough popular feeling, schneider electric converter also frequently in recent years, moreover, the current schneider electric ( China) Co. , LTD. , senior vice President, industrial division director Mr Xu Jun is real & other; Frequency converter was born & throughout; 。 The summit of schneider electric to its world debut in ATV royal cheng series inverter is its concentration in recent years, the orientation for the inverter series of service oriented, it can with PlantStruxure? Collaborative automation framework to achieve seamless system integration, enhance the plant operating efficiency and process high availability, provides the key data of energy consumption and convenient maintenance. According to Alain, ATV royal cheng series through the built-in web server, realization of energy management, asset management and performance improvement of embedded services, provide enterprises with real-time online data to improve the flexibility of enterprise energy and asset management applications, the processing ability and performance. The next page > 123
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