Schneider electric converter: not the same as in 2013

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-19
As the world's energy efficiency management experts, inverter business plays an important role in schneider electric. The Chinese market is undoubtedly the schneider electric engine of the frequency converter in the world, because from the inverter market or a business perspective, all in the schneider electric global inverter in first. Enter 2013, schneider electric in China after 25 years, different in 2013 of schneider electric inverter is also not the same as a year. Up to the end, schneider electric industrial division inverter business, senior vice President of Alain Dedieu and schneider electric industrial group inverter business marketing director Hu Xiao and reporters to share the schneider electric in inverter business development and changes in recent years, looking back on the past year, the inverter business there are many moments. Achievements: the growth of high profit margins in the past few years, China's inverter market went through ups and downs. Is coming to an end in 2013, China and the global economy, and no obvious improvement, the OEM market also in the economic downturn has been greatly affected the schneider electric, one of the main target market. But in such circumstances, schneider electric is not affected by the target market, but timely steering and driving towards the new growth point in inverter business in China shows the unstoppable growth, from the average growth rate, frequency converter business in 2013, schneider electric China's growth has exceeded expectations. The next page> 123
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