Schneider electric ATV1200 medium voltage inverter power sanmen nuclear power plant construction

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
On January 23, 2013, the global energy efficiency management expert schneider electric announced for nuclear group in three nuclear power co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the sanmen nuclear power) Second phase 3, 4 units provide ATV120010KV medium voltage inverter products as the core of solution of energy efficiency, realize the schneider electric medium voltage inverter product first applied in the field of nuclear power. Sanmen nuclear power plant is China's first three generations of nuclear power and customized based on project, adopted the world's leading to the third generation of nuclear power technology AP1000. Project, schneider electric ATV120010KV medium voltage inverter products will be mainly used seawater reverse osmosis membrane booster pump frequency control. Nuclear power to increase the proportion of clean energy is our country to promote energy saving and optimization of energy structure of the important development strategy. But as the security information is increasingly widespread attention, also met the great challenge of nuclear power development. The Chinese government has promulgated the 'nuclear safety plan (this year 2011 - 2020) 'And' long-term nuclear power development planning ( 2011 - 2020) ', stressed to & other; Safety first & throughout; Approach to nuclear power planning, construction, operation and retired whole process and all related industries. In this project, schneider electric to sanmen nuclear power units provided ATV1200 medium voltage inverter, adopted at present medium voltage inverter one of the most mature technology & ndash; — ‘ Multilevel series & rsquo; To realize the medium voltage output, and fully guarantee smooth machine and equipment running safely and reliably. ATV1200 also can effectively reduce the system energy consumption, thereby lowering the rate of the nuclear power plant auxiliary power. “ Nuclear power has always been concerned by schneider electric field, we also have the corresponding mature technology, products and solutions. Participate in building the world's leading nuclear power unit is good. In this project, our ATV1200 medium voltage inverter in the performance of the product and the safety level of parameters, such as fully meet or surpass the customers' requirements, and is equipped with excellent after-sales service support, fully won the recognition of sanmen nuclear power. The development of China's nuclear power market has a very big potential, the National Development and Reform Commission at the end of 2012 the clear emphasis on & lsquo; China's determination to develop nuclear power will not change & rsquo; 。 In the future, schneider electric will continuously invest in this field, hope to the industry from all walks of life hand in hand to build China into a global leading nuclear power market. ” Schneider electric, senior vice President, industrial division head Xu Jun said. Schneider electric ATV1200 is a research and development of products, in response to the call for energy saving and emission reduction has been applied in industries have been successful. It consists of the transformer tank, power unit cabinet, control cabinet of three parts, the input used 24 ~ 48 pulse rectifier, THDi current harmonic distortion rate is less than 2%, almost do not produce harmonic; A near perfect sine wave output & ndash; — “ Clean and friendly & throughout; Designed to reduce bearing, mechanical vibration of the blade, which can effectively protect the motor and equipment. The main controller based on DSP, FPGA, CPLD contemporary most advanced electronics, computing speed is fast, reliable work. ATV1200 also built into the grid synchronous switching, PID, speed application functions such as starting, synchronous motor excitation control. Nuclear group in sanmen nuclear power engineering development of Westinghouse (USA) of the third generation of nuclear power technology AP1000, planning and construction of 6 units of 1. 25 million mw nuclear power unit, the total installed capacity of 7. 5 million kilowatts, the third phase of construction, is expected to completed 2020 years ago, a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan. First phase to start officially on April 19, 2009, the unit 1 is the world's first AP1000 nuclear power unit.
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