Schneider China Zhu Hai: urbanization brings great business opportunities

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
Such as construction plan now is to avoid waste of quadratic programming, it's very high demand in the quality of electrical products, at the same time, urban intelligent traffic, intelligent building, smart grid, such as intelligent construction of city, it is schneider strengths of schneider electric's achievements in China are seen in the industry, China is now schneider electric the world's second largest market after the United States, this has to do with schneider China Zhu Hai keen market sense of smell and profound insights are inseparable. Recently in an interview, Zhu Hai is put forward, in the next few years China's economic development will present three trends, which entered the stage of the real meaning of market economy, urbanization will be further development, coordinating role of the government in economic development will become more and more strong. In the process of the three trends of development, Zhu Hai lead the schneider electric China team is looking for more business opportunities. Break down & other; Three trends & throughout; Schneider electric is after the reform and opening up one of the earliest foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market, in cooperation with Chinese enterprises to carry out joint venture process, have experience Zhu Haishen. “ The development of the joint venture can be divided into three phases, the first stage is & lsquo; Stomach is marriage & rsquo; Phase, like to live together; The second stage is & lsquo; Get married before they are in love & rsquo; , local governments have the introduction of foreign capital index, foreign companies also want to enter the Chinese market as soon as possible, so & lsquo; Marriage & rsquo; Is a shortcut. ” Zhu Hai said to our reporter, now in the third stage & ndash; — “ In love before marriage & throughout; Happy happy, in the era of free love, the sentiment of the probability is higher, and the couple quarrel, divorce is normal phenomenon, joint venture, we can talk now is to watch the project joint venture, the success rate is high, and in this process in a variety of discordant voice is normal. Joint venture in China of the three stages is consistent with China's economic development. China after years of rapid growth, GDP growth is stabilizing, and this year China's GDP growth rate will likely be less than 8%. “ If 2012 is lean, it contends is just the beginning. ” Zhu Hai said, supply will be the norm in the future, China will start in the true sense of enterprise under the market economy environment of survival, even before the foreign capital enterprise, also enjoy a dividend of socialist market economy, from 2012 to the next few years, the real meaning of market economy stage will come. From the point of view of an entrepreneur, what is the real meaning of the market economy? Zhu Hai said: & other; First of all, the market economy is the rise and fall, think fall is unthinkable before, now we realize that also can; Second, the market will have superior bad discard, there will be a company closures and go, and this process is not dominated by the government, but by the market play a leading role. For example, to increase the energy consumption in China, the administrative instruction is not alone, but to let the market play an important role. ” Therefore, for schneider electric and all other companies, should make a change. “ The past is the most important characteristics of China's market & lsquo; Flat & rsquo; , that is, the number is too much, such as schneider electric industry, there are thousands of enterprises in China, this may be the world the number of all other countries combined. The enterprise very important, always regarded do big is often the first strong, big now from government to enterprises have realized that enterprises should, first of all, in health, stronger, and then big, can last. ” There are statistics show that small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States, survive more than five years, more than 40% only, live more than 10 years, less than 13%, into the dow giant enterprise, for decades has a third has been eliminated. “ Evolution is the norm, we should not make a fuss. ” Zhu Hai believes that China's future will also through the market mechanism, and optimization of enterprise. In addition to & other; The real meaning of market economy arrival & throughout; This trend, the forecast of China's economy in 2013, Zhu Hai think there are two major trends, namely the further development of urbanization, and the change of the role of the government from leading role to the coordinating role. The next page 12>
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