Ruite driver with adjustable potentiometer

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-02
Sharp driver with adjustable potentiometer detailed instructions, the previous article for everyone to explain the stepper motor driver, today talk about potentiometer first look at what is adjustable potentiometer? Adjustable potentiometer is an adjustable electronic component consisting of a person and a rotating or sliding system. When a voltage is applied between the two fixed contacts of the resistor body, the position of the contact on the resistor body is changed by rotating or sliding the system, A voltage related to the position of the moving contact can be obtained between the rotating contact and the fixed contact. Potentiometer is basically a sliding rheostat. There are several styles, which are generally used to adjust the volume switch of the speaker and the power of the laser head. Let's analyze the parameters of the adjustable potentiometer. Nominal resistance: 100 Ω-1M ΩInstructions for Use of adjustable potentiometer 2. Rated Power: 0. 5 (W)Instructions for Use of adjustable potentiometer 3. Allowable deviation: ±10 (%)Instructions for Use of adjustable potentiometer 4. Zero resistance: 0 (Ω)Instructions for Use of adjustable potentiometer 5. Contact Resistance: 1 (Ω)Instructions for Use of adjustable potentiometer 6. Insulation Resistance: 1 (M Ω) Handebao driver with adjustable potentiometer Instructions 1. The user does not need to use the Enable (EN-) In case of function, the drive can be used normally and has the same function. Need to use enable (EN-)Function, do not use this drive. Instructions for Use of adjustable potentiometer 2. If users need external adjustable potentiometers, they can directly use EN and EN- The external terminal of the port is connected to any two legs of the potentiometer and maintains continuous self-operation ( Can be controlled by the code switch 9,10 on, and the highest speed can be controlled by the code switch 5-8 settings. TAG stepping motor potentiometer
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