Rockwell high voltage inverter market jolt layout

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-15
Industry watches rockwell automation acquisition jiuzhou electric its high voltage inverter business event on October 10, the dust settles in Harbin. Rockwell automation and jiuzhou electric high voltage inverter business trading delivery ceremony held, at the same time established the rockwell automation integrated ( Harbin) Co. , LTD. Under the background of market demand rapid growth of energy saving, which shows the rockwell automation rapid market response ability and high voltage inverter in China market potential in the determination. From Harbin city people's congress standing committee, National Development and Reform Commission, technology bureau, the ministry committee, investment promotion, environmental protection bureau and other leaders, jiuzhou electric and rockwell automation executives attended the signing and ceremony. Harbin executive vice mayor NieYunLing, rockwell automation vice President and general manager of power and drive control MikeLaszkiewicz, greater China general manager Tom and jiuzhou electric Li Yin chairman attended the activity and to speak. Mike said in a statement: & other; High voltage frequency converter business is one of the most rapid department rockwell automation development. Through the successful cooperation and jiuzhou electric, looking forward to provide customers with products, services, and they expect solutions, and in accordance with the expertise of both companies expand business. ” Jiuzhou electric co. , mainly engaged in high-power electronic electrical equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and services, is China's pioneer and leader in high voltage motor products, is also the founders of the Chinese megawatt wind power converter product. As the gem listing enterprise, jiuzhou electric Li Yin chairman, said the jiuzhou high-voltage inverter business will help rockwell automatic to expand its customer base, jiuzhou electric will also be in the transaction from rockwell automation advanced manufacturing, leading technology and global quality standards. Jiuzhou electric before it is worth mentioning that mergers and acquisitions as a rockwell automation of high voltage inverter contract manufacturers in China, has seven years of cooperation. The favorable conditions for both in Chinese and western culture and enterprise management, and other successful cooperation in the future laid a solid foundation. When asked about jiuzhou electric brand to retain jiuzhou electrical high voltage inverter, authorized rockwell and its wholly owned subsidiary, does that mean the rockwell automation will adopt double brand in the market, the two brands of marketing and market positioning, how to cooperate and differentiation strategy? Mike unveiled the answer, jiuzhou electric co. , in order to support the development of its other business, so must keep jiuzhou brand high voltage frequency conversion, and rockwell automation to jiuzhou high voltage frequency conversion after the merger of brand of a series of PowerFlex6000 geared to the needs of the market. The marketing of the product will adopt phased strategy, for customers in China market popularization and application in the first place, the second is exported to the asia-pacific region and the world market. The differentiation strategy is mainly reflected in the rockwell has strong system integration capabilities, to help customers quickly complete system integration and application of frequency converter products, to provide customers overall solution. For quick response and the implementation of China and the asia-pacific market demand, rockwell automation for electric high pressure after the merger business set up new manufacturing company & ndash; — Rockwell automation control integration ( Harbin) Co. , LTD is a company set research and development, engineering and manufacturing as a whole, in addition to the new company mainly produces PowerFlex7000 high-voltage inverter products to meet customer demand, and other areas of China, the PowerFlex6000 series of high-voltage inverter products, the product is in jiuzhou electrical high voltage frequency conversion based on the optimization and upgrading of technologies, processes, etc to make it more international market competitiveness. The establishment of the company not only enriched the rockwell automation product line of high voltage inverter, and promoted the high voltage inverter in our country the acceleration of market pattern changes. The current common development under the condition of low speed in the global economy, rockwell automation punch, high voltage inverter market layout, reflects the energy saving market environment under the pull of the rapid growth of the high voltage inverter will be conducive to rockwell automation to expand market share. According to Mike, in just the past fiscal year FY12, high voltage inverter business is one of the fastest growing segments rockwell automation. Therefore, in the face of resistance under the condition of market economy, pay attention to and strengthen the promotion of high voltage inverter competition difference is the key to the rockwell automation out of the break. With rockwell automation to the success of jiuzhou electric high voltage inverter business mergers and acquisitions and the establishment of the new company, not only increased the rockwell automation integrated design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, provides service for motor control of a growing market, and the high voltage inverter in China towards a positive role in promoting the development of energy saving solutions.
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