Rockwell automation PowerFlex 755 t converter extend TotalFORCE function increase the power range

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-04
Allen - rockwell automation Bradley PowerFlex 755 t ac frequency converter expand TotalFORCE technology and expand the scope of power. This converter can now provide greater power range, 10 to 6000 horsepower ( 7. 5 to 4500 kw) Application of increasing productivity and can also reduce overall using life cycle cost. The extension provides low harmonic, energy feedback and total public bus system configuration, expand more application scenario. Function extension TotalFORCE patent technology include more powerful ability of adaptive control. As time goes on, is accused of machine characteristics change, TotalFORCE technology can make inverter to automatically compensate. Adaptive setting function with up to four automatic tracking of harmonic filter, prevent that may affect the quality and increase energy consumption or cause premature wear of machine resonance and jitter. In addition, the predictive maintenance functions can also provide real-time information about the service life of converter. Based on operating characteristics such as temperature, voltage, and current monitor, frequency converter is able to calculate the key components of the residual life and notifies the user. So users can dispose of as early as possible, avoid accident parking. 'With the aid of TotalFORCE technology, PowerFlex 755 t converter users to improve machine uptime in active way. Inverter can be application status information transmission to the control system, and to shorten the parking time and has important significance to improve productivity, 'said Brad Arenz rockwell automation product manager. 'Self awareness not only can improve the reliability of frequency converter, still can make maintenance more convenient. 'PowerFlex 755 t converter provides power range of 160 to 3000 horsepower. After power range expanded, PowerFlex inverter can better adapt to the need to reduce the harmonic power applications such as pumps and fans, and crane and hoist has the function of stabilizer demand of renewable energy applications. Products include: low PowerFlex 755 tl converter: PowerFlex 755 tl converter using active front-end technology and built-in harmonic filter to reduce harmonic distortion. The inverter has support for 10 to 1800 horsepower ( 7. 5 to 1400 kw) 。 Low PowerFlex 755 tr inverter: PowerFlex 755 tr inverter contains energy regeneration and low harmonic solution, power range of 10 to 6000 horsepower ( 7. 5 to 4500 kw) 。 This converter can send renewable energy back to the power supply into line, reducing energy consumption and cost, form a more efficient solution. Low frequency converter PowerFlex 755 tm system: this system can be in the public bus structure to meet the needs of multiple motor coordination and energy regeneration, help users to build an ideal system. To optimize system requirements and satisfy the requirement of power, user can choose from a series of preset module, electrical side of the inverter power range from 250 to 6000 HP ( From 160 to 4500 kw) And giving back to the bus power range from 70 to 4800 kw. Other new features include: can provide multiple on the EtherNet/IP network integration of advanced security features security module; Can improve the function of lifting application stability of rolling; And can improve the effect of energy saving of the permanent magnet motor control function. All of these new TotalFORCE technology together, can help users in PowerFlex 755 t converter of the whole life cycle shorten test time, optimize performance, simplify maintenance and convenient maintenance, to support a wider range of application.
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