Rockwell automation launch of a new type of ac frequency converter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-03
Machine manufacturer, has been seeking to improve the quality of machine and reduce the manufacturing cost and the complexity of the process approach. Rockwell automation to launch a new type of Allen - Bradley PowerFlex 527 ac frequency converter can help them achieve these important objectives. PowerFlex 527 frequency converter is the first programmable automation controller (based on Logix PAC) The special inverter. The inverter make full use of the advantages that the controller function, at the same time using a single Software package Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer, can help manufacturers to simplify the machine development and operation process. Allen - for use 布拉德利·CompactLogix ControlLogix或GuardLogix PAC及艾伦- Bradley Kinetix servo drive machine, PowerFlex 527 frequency converter is an ideal auxiliary tool. PowerFlex 527 frequency converter using Shared with Kinetix servo drive embedded commands, can provide the same as the Kinetix servo drive configuration, programming, and control the user experience, help to save valuable time engineering design. PowerFlex 527 frequency converter also able to pump, fan and feed discharging conveyor belt machine application provide low cost solution, the relevant speed control of induction motor for simple. The capacity to handle more precise motor servo drive control operations, including speed control and torque control and position control. “ So far, most of the machine manufacturers to inverter programming importance is much less than the servo drive, but they will soon realize the inverter of the value of the programming, & throughout; Rockwell automation component level inverter business manager Jimmy Koh, & other; Our development is the purpose of this kind of frequency converter, to a certain extent, reduce the design complexity and to provide the best performance level and to promote the next generation source level integration. ” Users can use the source code level integration will PowerFlex inverter seamlessly integrated into the rockwell automation integrated architecture system, which is beneficial to reduce the time required for the system configuration and programming and tools. PowerFlex 527 inverter USES the Studio 5000 software defined in the movement instruction set to realize synchronous machine control and motor, to integrate the source level ascend to a new level. After finishing the programming, the user can more easily inverter configuration file transfer to the new machine, need not easily copied line by line as usual. In addition, Allen - Bradley Logix PAC series also can change the frequency converter after automatic detection and through the EtherNet/IP download all configuration Settings, help to shorten downtime. PowerFlex 527 frequency converter using standard EtherNet/IP infrastructure, with functions of built-in double EtherNet/IP port. The infrastructure to ensure network security, helps to reduce implementation of SIL 3 / PLe security solutions required hardware, wire and labor costs. Secure networking can also save panel space, at the same time, allow the user to access more about machine safety and the reason of fault diagnosis data, and without using any contactor and relay. PowerFlex 527 inverter Allen - is the first to have this function Bradley inverter. The torque converter also provides embedded safety disconnect option, guarantee the safety of hardwire. PowerFlex 527 frequency converter provides five frame size, rated power range of 0. 4 to 22 kW ( 0. 5 to 30 Hp) To support global rated voltage 100 V to 600 V.
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