Rockwell automation in China increase their investments in PF755 series assembled in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-04
In the past two years, the Chinese market demand for the inverter has been rising, and the Chinese user for inverter product goods time demand is higher and higher. Standard frequency converter in order to better serve the Chinese market business, November 28, 2018, 'rockwell automation PowerFlex 755 series high-power inverter' assembled in China officially launched the opening ceremony in the rockwell automation integrated ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. The factory was successfully held. The project, not only can provide customized services to local customers, but also realize product delivery period of 8 days to 45 days from the original breakthrough. Event, rockwell automation global power and drive control group President and general manager of BaoBoWen ( Bob Buttermore) , rockwell automation China chief Shi An ( 伊恩·施) , rockwell automation asia-pacific division of power and drive control (the fashion business director Howard 丹尼斯·唐) , rockwell automation asia-pacific director of supply chain ( Dhananjay Gadgil) , rockwell automation control integration ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , managing director of Luo Feng ( Park Luo) As a 'PowerFlex 755 series high-power inverter' assembled in China officially launched, cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. ( Ribbon-cutting ceremony) By more than 50% inverter product realization 'made in China' since 1988, rockwell automation in China has been the past thirty years. At present, rockwell automation in China has more than 2000 employees, 34 sales organization, Shanghai r&d center, dalian software center, Harbin and Shanghai 2 factories, as well as three OEM application development centers. Thirtysomething, for rockwell automation, the Chinese market has become the largest overseas in addition to the global market, and the Chinese market continues to grow stronger, and more. 'Rockwell automation is committed to the value of Internet companies to help our clients achieve automation transformation. 'BaoBoWen said that over the past 30 years, rockwell automation to help clients build the factory in China, training personnel, to provide a complete set of solutions to help its in production, manufacturing, research and development and engineering implementation of digital transformation. ( Rockwell automation global power and drive control group President and general manager of BaoBoWen) Specific to the product level, rockwell automation manufacture inverter have 15 years history in China. PowerFlex 755 series high power frequency converter to realize assembled in China, rockwell automation is another continue to increase their investments in the Chinese market. 'This time we are to make new investment in China, the purpose is to provide more competitive by shortening the total production time and portfolio of products, achieve more simplify customer experience, improve customer satisfaction in China, especially in the papermaking, mining, oil and gas, cement and other complex large-scale application in the field of heavy industry. 'BaoBoWen said. According to BaoBoWen, as 'PowerFlex 755 series high-power inverter' assembled in China officially launched, rockwell automation more than 50% of the frequency converter products made in China. Rockwell automation kept increasing of localization strategy, on the one hand can better pass 'connectivity' concept to the customer, on the other hand is also the practice of rockwell automation's new brand promise, namely 'the imagination of men with machine intelligence, expand human infinite possibility'. Towards 'customization, intelligent, miniaturized direction from mass production of the industrial age, 业务- - - - - - - 业务) To today's personalization ( 消费者- - - - - - - 业务) , Shi An believes that the future market is consumer oriented market, the prospect of the future market is the customization, intelligent, miniaturization as positioning. ( Rockwell automation China chief Shi An) 'In China, rockwell automation has great superiority, in the whole process of industrial upgrading our core professional plays a role. In the interconnection, industrial 4 now. 0 under the big trend, is one of the very few manufacturers, we can help customer to provide real value to go after the last mile. 'Shi An said. He cited PowerFlex 755 t converter as an example. According to the latest news, after further optimization, PowerFlex 755 t converter can provide more powerful range, 10 to 6000 horsepower ( 7. 5 to 4500 kw) Application for improvement of the productivity. TotalFORCE patent technology, the adaptive control function more powerful; Predictive maintenance functions can provide information on the service life of converter for real-time customer; Can provide multiple on EtherNet/IP network integration of advanced security features security module; Can improve the function of lifting application stability of rolling; To improve the effect of energy saving of the permanent magnet motor control function. ( PowerFlex 755 series high-power inverter) At present, PowerFlex 755 t converter including PowerFlex 755 tl converter, PowerFlex 755 tr inverter and PowerFlex 755 tm inverter system. In view of the complex application of heavy industry, rockwell automation can provide rapid customization services for Chinese customers, more fully embodies the customer enterprise needs of the Internet. The move is also confirm rockwell automation in the customization, miniaturization, intelligent direction. 'Through the Internet enterprises to expand the possibilities of human to maximize our human imagination of infinite expansion, infinite possibility, this is the rockwell automation hope can bring to the market, and China. 'Shi An said,' through our Internet enterprises, high-tech and high-end technology, rockwell automation hope to bring to China a different future. 'The author: gongkong Zhang Liying
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