Review 2014 high voltage inverter key enterprise in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-05
Inverter is the use of power semiconductor devices the on-off function of the power frequency power conversion to another frequency control device of electric power. With the rapid development of modern power electronic technology and microelectronics technology, high voltage high power frequency conversion device is constantly mature. Statistics show, high voltage inverter in China market is rapidly growing, high voltage inverter in the market scale from 10 in 2005. 900 million yuan in 2008 to 3. 4 billion yuan, compound growth rate of over 40%, according to the forecast, the next few years the market growth rate will remain in the higher level of more than 40%. In recent years, China has some performance outstanding enterprise in the field of high voltage frequency converter. This article for you to count the 2014 high voltage inverter industry five key enterprises in China. Units from the high efficiency, energy saving, the general made efforts and improve cost control and other aspects. A, the British witten British witten, founded in 2002, is committed to become the world's leading, respected in the field of industrial automation and electrical energy products and services provider, listed in shenzhen stock exchange in 2010 a shares, stock code: 002334. The British witten is national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, now has 12 subsidiary, on power electronics, electric drive, automatic control, mastered the key technology such as information technology, the main products include high, medium and low voltage inverter, the elevator intelligent integral machine, servo system, PLC, HMI, motor and electric spindle, SVG photovoltaic inverter, ups, etc. The British witten existing staff of more than 1600 people, four large-scale production base, sales network throughout the domestic and overseas more than 60 countries and regions. The British witten by & other; Go to great lengths to provide value products and services, let customers more competitive & throughout; For the mission, and actively explore customer needs. Nine points in the national research and development center, in the field of industrial automation and electrical energy in a number of technology in the domestic and international first-class standard, and have all kinds of patent 420, enables the British witten to provide the most suitable products and solutions to meet their high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and overall cost control requirements. High quality products, innovative technology and high quality service, make the credibility of the British witten is becoming more and more thorough popular feeling. Insight and grasp the demand of the market to keep the British witten product innovation and flexibility; Advanced integrated product development management and comprehensive product research and development testing and automation of informatization work production guarantee the high reliability and high performance of the British witten products; Distribution of branches around the world to provide users with solutions, professional security technology training and service support. “ Lean quality, excellent value & throughout; , it is the British witten brand claims, designed to better show the British witten demanding to the quality strives for perfection, the pursuit of, and create maximum value for customers. In the next decade, the British witten will continue to uphold & other; Throughout the cheng DE jing zhiyuan & thick industry; Business philosophy, based on the industrial automation and energy power field, based on power electronics, electric drive, automatic control, such as information technology, bigger and stronger electric transmission, industrial control, traffic traction, power supply, new energy, energy management, smart grid, such as its main business, make a reasonable product structure, leading technology, efficient management, strong profitability and competitive advantage obvious leading domestic and international well-known, assume social responsibility fully, developing harmonious international specialized industrial group. The next page> 1234
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