Reveal IGBT power source of market growth

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
According to market research firm Yole's latest report, IGBT market in 2011-2012 after a drop in a little abnormality, this year the market has to return to stable growth. In particular, the market forecast from $3. 6 billion this year, reached $6 billion in five years. IGBT in electric cars/power hybrid cars ( 电动汽车/亨德拉病毒) , renewable energy ( 机制) , motor drive ( MotorDrive) And electric power system ( UPS) And the application of traffic is the growth of the market. In the report is the most extensive analysis of IGBT applications in motor drive, divided into industrial, commercial and residential applications, motor driver is driving IGBT market growth. Such as wind, solar and other renewable energy field of IGBT market growth. However, the two industries depend on government subsidies or more investment, is difficult to forecast the trend of growth. In addition to the above six main growth momentum, include the trend of the frequency of the electrical home appliances ─ ─ to achieve more efficient and more comfortable, more energy efficient, the condition of more and more electrical appliances in the drive motor with frequency converter, consumers are increasingly accustomed to using advanced electrical appliances product, such as electromagnetic induction electric pot, this kind of new applications and the cause of the IGBT can more and more accepted by consumer electronics. In March 2014, Shanghai electronics show in Munich, domestic and foreign advanced IGBT manufacturers such as TOSHIBA, MACMIC, starpower would be assembled the exhibition scene, focusing on IGBT core technology. At the same time, more and more Asian companies have entered or entering the market of IGBT. One of the most positive direction toward success is CSRTimesElectronics and BYD, both intentions toward vertical integration production pattern development. In addition foundries and no fabs are aimed at low voltage, low product market development opportunities. IGBT competition with other power device IGBT is no longer the only solution, advanced electronic equipment SiCDevices has production, GaNDevices also in the development stage, the application of IGBT gradually pushed into the middle and low voltage products, SiC is responsible for handling the HighVoltage products, GaN is gradually transferred to the Lowvoltage product line. SiC best working voltage higher than GaN, optimum working power is higher. Its application scope is narrow, limited in rail transit, offshore wind, PV and industrial drive field. For HEV, EV and PHEV market, SiC than GaN lack of competitiveness. HEV is at present the mainstream market, dominated by Toyota, Toyota, on the other hand, tend to adopt GaN instead of SiC, of course the IGBT or mainstream before 2015. The second generation of prius Toyota PCU using IGBT inverter for planar, starting from the third generation using the channel model, so the latter IGBT size and the thickness is less than the second generation of PCU. Among them, the chip area is reduced about 17%, to 11. 7毫米× 9. Thickness of 4 mm, from 380 & mu; M to 165 & mu; m。 Also increased the pressure, increased from 850 v to 1250 v. In addition, the third generation of PCU equipped with IGBT, each chip flow of electric current is 200 a.
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