Requirements of inverter communication protocol for client

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-12
In the remote control of the inverter, due to the communication protocol of the inverter and the specific requirements for the client, the general VB program design cannot meet these requirements. In a set of real-time control programs for Siemens inverters developed by VB, due to the real-time reading of the inverter operating parameters proposed by the user and the corresponding control reasons based on this parameter, therefore, this program is realized by reading the inverter parameters of the time control device; This has the following problems: 1) Since the serial communication port between the industrial computer and the inverter is the system hardware part, all communication operations can only be realized through a unique hardware communication port. When the time control is triggered, because it occupies the communication port hardware, other control commands issued remotely must wait for the previous process to release the communication port before they can be executed. This makes some control commands unable to be sent to the inverter in time, so that the real-time control of the program cannot be reflected. 2) Although the serial port control in VB is encapsulated, it makes it easier to use, but it also loses some important advanced features, such as overlapping operations of serial ports. 3)It is difficult to use multi-thread programming in VB. The above reasons make it difficult to meet the real-time requirements of programs developed by VB. The communication protocol of the inverter first introduces the communication protocol of the following Siemens inverter: the communication structure of the inverter is RS-Structure 485. Inverter and industrial computer communication protocol. This communication protocol is a common communication protocol for Siemens traditional products, with slightly different operating words for different product series.
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