Replacing stepping motor with servo motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-07
Under certain circumstances, when the terminal load is stable, the action is simple, and the motor basically runs at low speed, so a stepping motor with low cost and easy control should be selected. However, when the terminal load fluctuation range is large, the action is simple and the motor is basically running at low speed, the choice of stepping motor will bring a series of troubles, because the stepping motor driven by square wave is difficult to eliminate vibration and noise, and out of step or overshoot is caused by torque fluctuation. In fact, when the terminal load fluctuation range is large, servo motor should be selected even if the motor is basically running at low speed. It is found that the choice of servo motor, considering the factors such as efficiency improvement, energy saving, control accuracy improvement, system stability improvement, etc. , will reduce the comprehensive cost by increasing the price. Tips for replacing stepper motors with servo motors, in order to ensure that the control system does not change much, it is recommended to choose a digital servo system, which can still use the original pulse control method. Due to the strong overload capability of the servo motor, 1/3 of the rated output torque of the original stepping motor can be used as a reference for determining the rated torque of the servo motor. Since the rated speed of the servo motor is much higher than that of the stepping motor, it is better to install deceleration equipment so that the servo motor can operate at the rated speed. In order to reduce the cost, it is also feasible to choose a motor with lower power. Servo motors tend to step, small in size and high in efficiency: using the latest permanent magnet materials and optimized motor design can make small motors produce high torque. When the same type of motor matches with different drivers, the maximum output torque will be different; When motors of the same volume use different winding modes and different number of poles, the output torque will also be different. Impact torque: the maximum torque can reach several times of the rated torque. Use high-performance magnetic materials and high magnetic energy products. Both the motor and the driver can be equipped with a temperature monitor. TAG servo motor
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