Rare earth prices cost of compressor surge

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-16
Affected by macro-control and market demand, make the prices generate large fluctuations in recent years. Rare earth prices have surged in the first half of last year, with rare earth as the important raw material of compressor manufacturing enterprise costs soaring, and refrigeration appliance enterprises have a huge impact on downstream, buy discouraged, rare earth market demand remains weak. Since this year, the country further consolidation of rare earth market, or will cause rare earth prices. Rare earth prices, to protect the profit, many do not have technical accumulation of compressor enterprise have also launched ferrite frequency conversion compressor in a short time, lead to risk of product quality; Rare earth prices encouraged air compressor industry in the research and application of technology of ferrite, it will widen the gap between each enterprise in the field of frequency conversion technology. It is reported, beauty cheese frequency conversion products occupies an important position in the market, selling 11 million units last year frequency conversion compressor, accounts for more than 30% of the market share. For rare earth price volatility in recent years, the cheese said it will not affect the pace of the variable frequency spread. It is understood that the cheese in frequency conversion technology advantage position, rare earth and ferrite application technology is very mature. Beauty cheese since 2002 have ferrite production capacity of frequency conversion compressor, is one of the earliest compressor enterprise ferrite frequency conversion products. After 10 years of technical accumulation, beauty cheese ferrite variable frequency technology has been very mature, such as noise, energy efficiency which is the industry leader in performance. Beauty cheese in rare earth and ferrite on the frequency conversion technology has the abundant technical reserve, can according to the market demand adjust product structure, price fluctuations will not too big effect on the cheese. At the same time, beauty cheese production of ferrite frequency conversion compressor have good levels of energy efficiency, to meet the needs of target customers all energy saving products. Influenced by customer demand, beauty cheese is ferrite basic reached 100% of the total motor drive. 2012 cold is a test of refrigeration industry enterprises, the market, the change of policy environment, industry competition from low level of price competition to a high level of technical transformation. For the beauty cheese such enterprises with leading technology advantage is helping them to speed development, expand opportunities for competitive advantage; The enterprise will face more compressor technology research and development can't keep up with policy requirements, widens the gap between leading enterprise and the. Matthew effect to enhance and improve research and development technology, optimize the product structure to become the winner in the evolution law.
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