Raising the automation level in our country to inverter development impetus

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
When it comes to frequency converter, and talks to inverter energy-saving. In fact, energy conservation is just a function of the frequency converter application process, the high precision control of motor speed control, enhance the level of automation equipment and improve production efficiency have extensive and universal application. Nowadays, almost every production line, process control, all kinds of advanced production equipment is inseparable from the frequency converter. With the continuous improvement of automation level, each industry for the production equipment of high precision, high efficiency, high speed of the demand is higher and higher. Inverter product itself also needs to change, according to the market on its own control accuracy, efficiency, volume and higher standards of environmental tolerance requirement. Customers on the reliability of the inverter and price and adaptability to the production process, has put forward higher requirements. As the country to the attention of air quality, believe that the environmental protection industry will usher in a large number of new and old equipment modification requirements. National policies for the new energy and new energy automotive industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry's support, also can bring immeasurable for frequency converter ( Inverter) The demand. There is no doubt that the domestic inverter compared with imported products, catch up still will take time. Although in recent years, domestic brand advantage has accelerated after localization, but from the overall, the strength of the frequency changer industry in China is still relatively weak. Domestic brands in the technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design, etc. , or in terms of financial strength, have a certain gap with foreign brands. Euromonitor transmission from the design research and development of the first frequency converter has been more than 20 years, when it comes to corporate & other; Fresh & throughout; Secret, and firmly believe that, must always maintain the core competitiveness of products and its continuous development, to ensure that the brand durability. Embodies in the following: the high cost performance, low price can attract customers, high quality to retain customers. Euromonitor rely on leading technology, advanced production equipment and technology, large-scale procurement build strong cost advantage. But euromonitor has always insisted on not actively compete on price, the good faith recruitment materials, quality not discounted, to provide customers good consistency and high stability, reliability and high cost performance products. Multi-level products: in order to meet different demand of the market, the products cover high, medium and low-end market, launch E1000 general frequency converter, E2000, E3000 series, covering different levels of customer demand.
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