R42 stepper driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-24
R42 step driver R42 digital two-phase step driver, based on 32-bit DSP platform, has built-in micro-division technology and automatic setting function of power-on parameters, the driver has the characteristics of R42 stepping driver with low noise, low vibration, low heating and high speed and large torque output, and can adapt to most application occasions of stepping motor. Pulse mode: single pulse/double pulse, signal level: 3. 3 ~ 24V compatible, PLC application does not require series resistor supply voltage: 24- 48 v dc power supply, recommended 24 or 36V typical applications: marking machine, soldering machine, laser, 3D printing, visual positioning, automatic assembly equipment, etc. Micro-step subdivision setting SW5- SW8 four DIP switches are used to select a total of 16 micro-step subdivisions. Please select the corresponding subdivisions according to the driver panel and set the output current setting 2. What are the stepping motors? There are several types of stepping motors: permanent magnet (PM), Reaction formula (VR)And hybrid (HB) Permanent magnet stepping is usually two-phase, with small rotation distance and volume, and the stepping angle is usually 7. 5 degrees, or 15 degrees; Reactive stepping is usually a phase voltage, which can keep a large torque flowing out, and the stepping angle is usually 1. 5 degrees, but the noise and vibration are quite large. In the capitalist countries such as the United States, 1980s has been eliminated; Hybrid Stepping refers to the advantages of permanent magnet and reactive type. It is divided into two phases and five phases: the two-phase stepping angle is usually 1. 8 degrees and the five-phase step angle is usually 0. 72 degrees. This kind of stepping motor is more widely used. 3. What is the maintenance distance (HOLDING TORQUE)? Maintain the distance (HOLDING TORQUE) The stator locks the torque of the stator when the stepping motor is connected to the power supply but has rotation. This is the first of the most critical numbers of stepping motors. Generally, the torque of stepping motors at medium speed is close to the maintenance torque. Because the output torque of the Stepping Motor continues to lose with the increase of the speed, and the output power also changes with the increase of the speed, therefore, maintaining the rotation distance has become the first of the most critical parameters for considering stepping motors. For example, when everyone says 2N. The stepping motor of m has a unique indication of the rotation distance of 2N. M stepper motor. 4. What is detent torque? Detent torque refers to the TORQUE of the stator locking stator when the stepping motor is connected to the power supply. Detent torque has a consistent turning method in China, which is easy to cause misunderstanding; Because the stator of the reactive stepping motor does not have permanent magnet material, it does not have detent torque. TAG
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