Professional manufacturer of electric displacement: frequency converter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
Frequency converter for motor speed regulation and energy saving of key equipment, in recent years, with the development of industrial automation, the scope of its application is becoming more and more widely. Broad market prospect for inverter enterprise to bring the market opportunity, at the same time, also put forward higher requirements to product technology. Flooding in zhejiang electric co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as: 'the electric displacement') Over the years, creates the brand by quality, to promote the development of technology, produce product of frequency converter to get the customer the consistent approval. Deep frequency converter to do professional manufacturer of electric displacement is a focus on industrial automation, personalized control of product development, production and sales of innovative enterprises. Company with independent intellectual property rights, on the basis of the industrial automation control technology industry is committed to providing customers with specialized products and personalized solutions. At present the drive electrical main research and development, production, sales in the industry dedicated inverter, general-purpose inverter, servo drives and other products. Rich products brings to the electric displacement in the broad market. The electric displacement with stable quality, flexible control, the advantages of the powerful, in machine tools, textile, metallurgy, lifting, oil field, plastic, chemical, and other industries widely used. At present, the electric displacement are constantly improve the management idea, perfect process system, improved processing technology, guarantee for enterprises to provide high quality, high value of the frequency converter products. Based products attentively service for a manufacturing enterprise manufacturing enterprises, the development of the focus on products forever. Creation of electric displacement, never slack for the product technical research. Companies are actively introduce advanced equipment, upgrading the hardware power at the same time, bend force to build a team composed of professional technical team, strengthen the key competitiveness of enterprise. Now the electric displacement, products more rich, more strong strength. Company marketing network has spread all over all over the world, and also formed a perfect system of after-sales service system. Don't forget to beginner's mind, commitment, the electric displacement will continue to uphold the design concept of high quality and good faith, the innovation of enterprise culture, service more manufacturing companies. Wisdom to build for the future innovation will never stop launched the '2025' made in China, our country manufacturing industry showed vigorous development trend, numerical control, intelligent, network is becoming the general trend of development of manufacturing industry. Frequency converter as a power control device, is faced with the needs of the transformation and upgrading. Electric displacement as a professional supplier in the field of frequency converter, in the years following the market demand, production of proactive, technical, create value for customers of inverter product. In order to realize the leap, the electric displacement will be 10% of sales each year into product research and development, and through the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, in the form of university-enterprise cooperation and technology innovation. Through unremitting efforts, the electric displacement has won 15 invention and utility model patents, exterior design, the software copyright 25 items, four software product registration, formed the general frequency converter, industry-specific inverter rich product line, etc. For the future, never stop innovation. As the domestic well-known brand of frequency converter, the electric displacement to 'promote domestic inverter technology progress' as own duty, the positive response made 'smart'. Will produce more in the future, drive the electrical stability, energy saving, high efficiency inverter products, let the electric displacement 'in the' brand to the world! Is here the author:
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