Proe/Creo stepper motor forward and reverse simulation details

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-27
This tutorial simulates the forward and reverse rotation of the stepping motor, setting clockwise as forward rotation and counterclockwise as reverse rotation. The stepping motor drives the turntable, which rotates forward for one turn, stops, reverses for half a turn, stops and reverses for half a turn. 1. New components, add motor 57HS22- A, assemble in the default position, as shown in the following figure: 2. Assemble the turntable, use pin connection, pay attention to the connection direction. The rotation axis respectively selects a datum plane of the turntable and a plane parallel to the motor as the zero reference, selects the reuse regeneration value, minimum value and maximum value, and enters the data, as shown in the following figure. Done. 3. Create a new TXT file, enter the following numbers, and save to the current working directory, as shown in the following figure: 4. The connection has been completed here, and the following is the switch to the mechanism module. Click 【Application]-【Organization]. 5. Click on the servo motor, jump out of the dialog box, select and select the pin connection added above as the motion axis. Click 【Outline], Mold selection 【Table]. Click the icon below the file, and the dialog box will pop up. Select all files for type, find the newly created TXT file above, and confirm. Click the icon below the graph in the servo motor definition dialog box to pop up the graph tool. This is the chart of the rotating stroke analysis, as shown in the following figure: 6. Click mechanism analysis. Enter 21 as the end time in the pop-up dialog box. Click run, you can observe that the turntable first turns forward, stops, reverses half a circle, stops, and then reverses half a circle. TAG stepper motor
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