Principle of DC servo motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-05
What is the principle of DC servo motor? How does the DC servo motor work? Stepping Motor manufacturer Rui TE will show you the principle of this DC servo motor. DC servo motors are usually used in systems with slightly higher power, and their output power is generally 1W ~ 600 W. Its basic structure and working principle are the same as those of ordinary DC separately excited motors, except that it is made more slender to meet the requirements of fast response. Its mechanical characteristics are the same as those of Separately excited DC motors, that is, from the above formula, it can be seen that the control of DC servo motor speed and steering can be realized by changing the control voltage or magnetic flux. The method of changing the control voltage is called armature control, and the method of changing the magnetic flux is called magnetic field control. Because armature control has the advantages of rapid response, hard mechanical characteristics and good linearity, armature control is mostly adopted in mechatronics systems. The mechanical characteristics of DC servo motors are a group of linear clusters with the same slope. Each mechanical characteristic corresponds to an armature voltage, which corresponds to & omega; The intersection point of the shaft is the ideal no-load angular velocity under the armature voltage, and the intersection point with the shaft is the starting torque under the armature voltage. The regulation characteristic of DC servo motor is also a group of linear clusters with the same slope. Each regulation characteristic corresponds to an electromagnetic torque, and the intersection point with Ua axis is the armature voltage at startup. The slope of the regulating characteristic is positive, which shows that under a certain load, the motor speed increases with the increase of armature voltage; However, the slope of mechanical characteristics is negative, which indicates that when the armature voltage is constant, the motor speed decreases with the increase of load torque. Related reading: servo motor parameters, control principle of DC geared motor tag dc servo motor principle
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