Principle and control method of modern AC servo system

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-09
Modern AC servo system has undergone a transition from analog to digital, and digital control rings are everywhere, such as phase change, current, speed and position control; New power semiconductor devices, high-performance DSP plus FPGA, and servo-specific modules (For example, IR introduced a special servo control engine)Not surprising. This paper mainly introduces the principle and control method of modern AC servo system, and specifically follows the small series to understand. Modern AC servo system principle ac permanent magnet synchronous servo driver mainly consists of servo control unit, power drive unit, communication interface unit, servo motor and corresponding feedback detection device, its structural composition is shown in Figure 1. The servo control unit includes position controller, speed controller, torque and current controller, etc. Our ac permanent magnet synchronous driver integrates advanced control technology and control strategy, making it very suitable for servo drive fields with high precision and high performance requirements, it also shows that powerful intelligence and flexibility are incomparable to traditional driving systems.
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