Precision control in accordance with the needs of lawn to find in energy saving

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
In 'made in China 2025' transformation and upgrading, improve efficiency, reduce the energy consumption is one of the key indicators. In the traditional textile industry, by improving the process control plan, to conclude the energy saving effect significantly. Spinning frame, is one of the common spinning equipment, as well as the most energy consumption equipment in spinning production. In the textile process main effect is to feed wire rack ( Feeding) With the spindle ( Receiving) Through the different rotating speed, release complete cotton yarn, glass fiber yarn and all kinds of chemical fiber silk thick twist ( At the beginning of twist) Process, at the same time through a different twist, make the fiber strength and elasticity. Doffing of large, medium and small yarn stage, the change of the tension demand exists obvious difference. To the need of spinning frame equipment control, recently, in launching frame based on vector control frequency converter application solutions, can help finish better coarse twisting process in ring spinning. In variable frequency speed control device can realize automatic stepless speed change, optimize the spinning conditions, as far as possible to keep spinning tension stable at each stage. In the yarn and the yarn stage, response to a lower speed, to reduce the breakage and hairiness of bad; And in length of about 80% of the yarn, the steady speed. So as to realize speed up the overall working efficiency, good quality and high yield, reduce energy consumption and the role of staff labor intensity. The application USES the four sets of universal vector control frequency converter, each control 1 permanent magnet motor, and 3 sets of induction motor; Control of permanent magnet motor inverter frequency converter, used to drive the spindle rotation, dc power supply to other three transducer at the same time. Three other frequency converter through the control of induction motor drive can be achieved by the twisting spindle and ring, filling, and spindle transfer procedures. In this scenario, the upper controller input start signal, sent out analog current spindle inverter control of spindle speed; A second group of analog electrical signals into ring transducer, ring motor control mode adopts VF + position feedback, make steel get moved up and down, adjust the position of the yarn winding on the spindle; The third group analog electrical signals into feeding motor frequency converter, thread feeding motor operation; Transfer of spindle motor drive belt, winding up of spindle sent to the discharge port, at the same time, remove the empty spindle to winding position. Vector control frequency converter in universal C2000 series small size, stable control, support a variety of driving mode, high conversion efficiency, can be effective energy saving; With high efficiency permanent magnet motor, the volume is small induction motor, superior energy efficiency; In thin controller DVP series control performance is strong, can use function block to establish common instruction, editing and simpler; This solution is also supports a variety of module and communication interface, show the high efficiency processing capacity. Through the combing and optimization of spinning process, application in spinning frame shows the good control ability and the energy saving effect. Believe that the solution to many textile enterprises in the optimization process, saving energy and reducing consumption, improve competitiveness to provide reliable support.
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