Precise positioning method of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-16
The servo key of the precise positioning mode of the stepping motor is marked by the pulse width, and most of them can understand it like that. When the stepping motor receives one pulse width, it will rotate one angle of view matching the pulse width, so as to realize offset, because the stepping motor itself has the function of transmitting pulse width, every time the stepping motor rotates one angle of view, the pulse width matching the total number is transmitted, in that way, it is set off with the pulse width accepted by the stepping motor, or it is called feedback control. In this way, the system will know how many pulse widths are sent to the stepping motor and how many pulse widths are collected together to go home. In that way, the rotation of the motor can be controlled very accurately, thus realizing accurate marking, which can exceed 0. 001mm. Stepping Motor, DC servo motor is divided into brush and brushless motor. Brushless Motor has low cost, simple structure, large starting torque, wide range of speed change, easy operation and must be protected, but the protection is not convenient (Carbon brush), Causing interference signals, there are regulations on the environment. Therefore, it can be used in general manufacturing and industrial places that are sensitive to profits. Brushless motor is light in weight, light in weight, large in steam consumption rate, unusually fast in appearance, high in speed, small in inertia, linear in rotation and stable in torque. It is complicated to operate and easy to maintain automation. Its auxiliary commutation method is flexible and can replace square wave or sine wave. The motor is free of protection, has high speed, low operating endurance, small electromagnetic radiation and long service life, and can be used in various environments. AC servo motors are all brushless motors, which are divided into synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. Synchronous motors are usually used in motion control at this stage. Its thermal efficiency category is large and can ensure quite large thermal efficiency. Large inertia, low maximum rotation rate, and rapid reduction with the expansion of thermal efficiency. Therefore, it is suitable for the use of medium-speed stable operation. The stator of the inner part of the stepping motor is a permanent magnet, and the U/V/W three-phase electricity operated by the servo controller generates an electromagnetic field, and the stator rotates under the effect of this electric field, a servo motor report signal built in the motor is sent to the controller, and the controller adjusts the viewing angle of stator rotation according to the comparison between the reported value and the target value. The precision of stepping motor is determined by the precision of servo motor (Number of lines). The difference between AC servo motor and Brushless DC servo motor in function: negotiation servo is better, because it is sine wave manipulation, the torque pulsation is small. DC servo is trapezoidal wave. But DC servo is very simple and cost-effective. Related reading: power calculation of stepping motor, open-loop and closed-loop control principle of stepping motor TAG stepping motor, accurate positioning
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