Power Calculation of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-17
Its P is the power unit of Watt (w), & omega; Is the angular velocity in radians per second (rad/s), N is the speed per minute (r/min) , M is the torque unit of Newton ·Meter (N ·m). P = 2 & pi; fM/400 (Half step)During which f is the number of pulses per second (PPS for short). Take stepping motor 24HD240D8 as an example, as shown in the following figure: stepping motor power calculation, based on speed- The torque curve shows that when the rotating speed is 600 RPM, the torque is 0. 9Nm. Substitute it into the formula: 0. 1047 ×600 ×0. 9 = 56. 5W (No safety factor calculation is added) , That is, the driver ASD880R is used, the driving voltage is 60VDC, and the driving current is 4. 0A subdivision is set for 200 pulse/circle of conditions under 24HD240D8 in 600RPM when of mechanical output power for 56. 5 W. In practical application, we often use stepping motors to replace servo motors. At this time, we have to calculate the torque of servo output in turn. The budget formula is as follows: stepping motor power calculation, if we want to replace the deceleration servo motor with an additional power of 100 W, an additional speed of 3000RPM and a reduction ratio of 10 with a stepping motor. (Assuming the power of the reducer is 90%) Substitute the formula to calculate the additional torque of the motor: 9. 549 ×100/3000 = 0. 3183Nm reducer shaft output torque: 0. 3183 ×10 ×90% = 2. 8647 Nm reducer output speed: 3000 ÷ 10 = 300RPM means that the output torque of the stepping motor we chose may be 2 at 300 RPM. 8647 Nm (Safety factor not considered)This deceleration servo motor can be replaced. As shown in the following figure, without considering the size, our 3402HS60U14 has a torque of 2 at 300 RPM. 95Nm, can meet the requirements. TAG stepping, motor
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