PLC is used to control the operation of stepping motor through driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-02
With the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the demand for stepping motors is increasing day by day, and it will be widely used in the control fields of various industries. As an industrial control computer, PLC has modular structure, flexible configuration, high-speed processing speed, accurate data processing capability, and PLC also has good control capability for stepping motors, the control of stepping motor can be realized by using its high-speed pulse output function or motion control function. For those specific equipment whose moving distance and speed are determined during operation, Zhenhe motor engineers believe that it is an ideal technical scheme to use PLC to control the operation of stepping motor through stepping motor driver. Characteristics of stepping motor :(1) The angular displacement of the stepping motor is strictly proportional to the number of input pulses, and there is no cumulative error after the motor runs for one week, thus having good following performance. (2) The open-loop digital control system composed of stepping motor and driver circuit is very simple, cheap and reliable. At the same time, it can also form a high-performance closed-loop digital control system with angle feedback links. (3) Stepping Motor has fast dynamic response and is easy to start and stop, forward and reverse rotation and speed change. (4) The speed can be smoothly adjusted in a fairly wide range, and large torque can be guaranteed at low speed. (5) Stepping Motor can only be operated by pulse power supply. It cannot directly use AC power supply and DC power supply. The highest stepping frequency that the stepping motor can respond without losing the step is called'Startup frequency'; Similarly,'Stop frequency' It refers to the highest stepping frequency when the system control signal is suddenly turned off and the stepping motor does not rush through the target position. However, the starting frequency, stopping frequency and output torque of the motor should be adapted to the moment of inertia of the load. With these data, the stepping motor can be effectively controlled by speed change. Using PLC to control stepping motor, PLC and its corresponding functional modules should be selected according to the pulse equivalent, pulse frequency upper limit and maximum pulse quantity of the system calculated by the following formula. According to the pulse frequency, the frequency required for PLC high-speed pulse output can be determined, and the bit width of PLC can be determined according to the number of pulses. Pulse equivalent = (Step angle of stepping motor ×Pitch)/(360 ×Transmission speed ratio); Upper limit of pulse frequency = (Moving speed ×Stepping Motor subdivision)/Pulse equivalent; Maximum number of pulses = (Moving distance ×Stepping Motor subdivision)/Pulse equivalent. PLC's control of stepping motor must first establish coordinate system, which can be set as relative coordinate system or absolute coordinate system. The coordinate system is set in DM6629, 00- 03-bit corresponding pulse output 0,04-07 bits corresponding to pulse output 1. When set to 0, it is the relative coordinate system; When set to 1, it is an absolute coordinate system. PLC is used to control the operation of stepping motor through general stepping motor driver, thus achieving a wider application of PLC in stepping electric control. For example, in the control process of single-axis motion, parameters such as moving distance, speed and direction are set on the control panel. After reading these set values, PLC generates pulse and direction signals through operation to control stepping motor drive to achieve the purpose of distance, speed and direction control. The actual measurement proves that the system operation results are reliable, feasible and effective. More knowledge of linear stepping motor parameters, Shenzhen ruite Electromechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Main products: stepping Motor, linear stepping motor, stepping servo stepping driver, stepping motor driver, integrated stepping brake stepping motor, waterproof stepping motor, brushless motor, servo motor and other types of stepping motors, welcome to inquire. Related reading: Analysis of driving mode and characteristics of stepper motor driver, troubleshooting case analysis of stepper motor driver TAG stepper motor driver control
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