Phase mode of linear drive stepping servo motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-03
Linear drive stepping servo motor phase mode, the advantage of using linear stepping motor is that it provides open-loop position system control, but the cost is only a small part of the feedback servo system requirements. In the past, we all called linear stepping motors digital models, but this view is still relatively narrow and often encounters major problems in the future development process. Most linear stepping motors have very low damping coefficient and are sensitive to resonance problems at a certain stepping frequency. Facing these problems often leads to difficult topology. What should we do? Technical Engineers told us that there are many ways to drive stepping servo motors linearly, including full-step and half-step, depending on the control technology used. In general, the submagnetic flux vector is first determined, and the magnetic field on the rotor attempts to match the vector. Due to the different number of teeth in the rotor and stator, the resulting movement or stepping is extremely impossible. After alignment, the stator current will immediately change in this way, increasing the stator flux vector angle, so that the motor enters the next mode. Considering that there is no position feedback in most applications, the rotor flux linkage can be consistent with the stator flux linkage, and the stator current generated by the stator flux linkage does not affect the motor operation. Therefore, the energy efficiency of linear stepping motors is different from that of other commonly used motors. It can be seen that although the stepping angle of the linear stepping motor is relatively small, it does not mean that it cannot be applied, but assumes that it is the best choice target. Some of its application functions also require polarity change through stator current. The inductance associated with the stator coil usually produces this change, and it takes some time for the current to reach a new level. For equipment applications with different performances, different choices should be made, and specific operations should be carried out according to the actual situation at that time to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. TAG stepping, motor, servo, linear drive, phase mode, drive
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