【Performance Express] China's inverter listed companies make money in 2014

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-01
The performance Express can reflect the development of a company in the past year. The OFweek industrial control network has roughly collected the annual report data of the inverter listed companies in the past three years. Through comparison, it is found that, the performance of some listed companies continues to grow and the momentum of development is rapid; Some are in recession and half-dead. The following are some situations of listed companies to see which are the blue chip stocks that make money. 1. Huichuan Technology, Shenzhen Huichuan was established in April 2003 and successfully listed on the-share gem in September 28, 2010. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and has mastered high-performance vector frequency conversion technology, PLC technology, servo technology, permanent magnet synchronous motor and other core platform technologies. The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of industrial automation control products. The main products include low-voltage Inverter, high-voltage Inverter, integrated and special plane, servo system, PLC, HMI, permanent magnet synchronous motor, electric vehicle motor controller, Photovoltaic Inverter, etc; It mainly serves the three major fields of equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy, products are widely used in elevator, lifting, machine tools, metal products, wire and cable, plastic, printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, metallurgy, coal mine, municipal, automobile and other industries. According to the 2014 performance forecast released by Huichuan technology, Huichuan technology's operating income in 2014 was 22. 4. 2 billion yuan, operating income in 2013 17. 2. 5 billion yuan, an increase of 29. 94%. Net profit attributable to listed public shareholders 6. 6. 6 billion yuan, 5 in the previous year. 0. 6 billion yuan, an increase of 18. 93%. 2012-2014 the main reasons for the changes in the company's performance are as follows: 1. The main reasons for the year-on-year increase in operating income: due to the good performance of new energy vehicle motor controller, General servo and other products, and Ningbo Yitong Technology Co. , Ltd. was included in the scope of merger, the company's operating income has achieved rapid growth year on year. 2. The main reasons why the increase in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is lower than the increase in income are as follows :(1) Due to the changes in the company's product income structure and the intensification of market competition, the comprehensive gross profit margin of the company's products has decreased year on year; (2)The increase of company management expenses is higher than the increase of income; (3) Due to the large amount of software VAT refund received by the company in 2013, the year-on-year increase in non-operating income in 2014 was less than the increase in income. 123456789 Next Page>
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