Our inverter industry usher in change

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
With the continuous improvement of technology, frequency converter thyristor also got a generation of generation of innovation, inverter industry in China is in chasing a change in the development of similar foreign products. In the 1980 s, the global change speed frequency converter technology, frequency conversion of the maturity of the product is widely used in the field of various industries of the national economy. As China becomes the factory of the world, the rapid development of manufacturing products for frequency converter provides more and more large market space, today, however, the domestic inverter market also can be said to be a foreigner in the world, Japanese and the European and American carve up the market share of 80%, but in recent years Taiwan inverter brand also has some strong performance, domestic brands are still weak as a whole. In decades, with the qu power electronics device from the original SCR ( Thyristor) 矩形脉冲断开( Gate turn off thyristor) After BJT ( Bipolar power transistor) 、MOSFET( Metal oxide field-effect tube) 坐( Static induction transistor) 西斯( Static induction thyristor) 管理( MOS transistor control) 未经中华人民共和国交通部( MOS controlled thyristor) , development to today's IGBT ( Insulated gate bipolar transistor) HVIGBT ( Resistance to high pressure insulated gate bipolar thyristor) The device update frequency converter application field more widely, the size of the market expanded rapidly. However, domestic inverter were behind foreign 10 ~ 15 years, catching up in recent years, not only has made great breakthrough in technology, the development of several domestic inverter is with the international community, have considerable enterprise competitiveness. The British witten, can easily, amb, wisdom light electrical domestic inverter manufacturers, such as with the price advantage, to occupy more market share, but there is no denying that really decide whether domestic inverter is the core of competitive factors or technical level. Over the years, the National Development and Reform Commission, the relevant state departments have been together for frequency conversion technology development, technical innovation and so on to be the priority support, organized assessment recommended work of variable frequency speed regulation technology, encourage the relevant units at the same time grasp the development, the demonstration engineering project. As the backing, domestic frequency control of motor speed technology got certain development and the popularization and application. For our country, the industrialization process is not over, energy intensive industries accounted for big, will continue to promote China's sustained and rapid growth of energy demand, energy intensive industry, the country's energy conservation and emissions reduction policy also make enterprises have more opportunities to domestic frequency converter. Domestic inverter, market expanding, advances in technology, talent on the rise, along with the national support increased and the growth of the private enterprise investment, domestic inverter will have its own spring. But, don't happy. In order to make more spring for a long time, that is about to make the technology more a layer, that is to say, constantly beyond technology. Only in this way, to ensure that domestic inverter in frequency conversion in the greenwood. Let us feel the good news is, represented by wisdom light frequency domestic enterprises are increasing manpower and material resources and financial resources. I think that in the next few years, domestic inverter will become the world's frequency.
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