Omron universal inverter 3G3RX2 series new products released

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-20
In the second quarter of 2019, Omron Automation (China) Limited Company, the new high-performance universal inverter RX2 will be released for the first time in the Chinese market from now on. With the continuous transformation and upgrading of modern manufacturing industry, the manufacturing site needs to consider energy conservation and space saving while pursuing high quality and high efficiency. The high-performance universal inverter RX2 series launched this time breaks through the performance limitation of the original inverter, not only has smaller size and easier operation, but also can further help the equipment save energy and exert its performance. Main advantages 1. Space-saving RX2 series is not only smaller in size, but also has a model with built-in regenerative braking circuit, which does not need to be installed externally, thus greatly saving space in the cabinet. 2. Simple operation evolved from the previous 7-segment operator to a full-color liquid crystal operator. More intuitive and simple setting and operation are realized. A parameter copy function has also been added to the operator. The parameter setting and program copying of multiple RX2 can be completed in a shorter time. 3, no PLC motor control RX2 series, can pass the support tool CX- Drive creates a timing program, and a single frequency converter can carry out simple timing control. Therefore, large-scale processes requiring control speed such as crane control and tension control can be constructed without PLC to achieve the best cost performance. 4. Support triple rating evolved from previous support double rating to support triple rating. One inverter can cope with various motors and uses, and also realizes space saving and the highest cost performance. 5. Supporting PM motor control can not only cope with the control of General induction motors, but also support permanent magnet motors (PM motor)The control. Through the automatic tuning function of PM motor, the performance of PM motor can be easily maximized, which can help further save energy. High-Performance general-purpose inverter RX2 series not only improves the performance as a general-purpose inverter, but also fully meets the various needs of the Future era and contributes to improving the production efficiency of users.
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