Nordac base: powerful inverter for process applications

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-02
Nordac base newly introduced by Nord transmission group- SK 180E distributed inverter conforms to ATEX standard, which is not only economical and practical in operation, but also has a protection level as high as IP 69 K. This ensures that its housing is completely sealed, even for processing applications requiring frequent high-pressure cleaning. Nordac base sk 180E inverter introduced by Nord transmission group is durable, designed for simple applications, and can be installed outside the switch cabinet in a distributed manner. Many applications do not make full use of the powerful functions of modern frequency converters. In order to fill the gap between simple motor starter and full-function inverter, Nord transmission group has developed nordac base sk 180E, which focuses on the basic functions of pump and Conveyor technology ( PI/speed control, energy saving, communication with peripheral equipment), And can significantly save costs and improve performance. Nordac base has a power range of up to 2. 2kW, can be distributed installed outside the switch cabinet (Such as on the wall or motor). The inverter adopts a robust design, is easy to debug and operate, has high flexibility in accessories and functions, and has a large number of communication interfaces, which can be compatible with all common bus systems. Its drive controller can provide high precision control, and also has a protection grade of IP 69K to prevent dust from entering (Dustproof)And withstand high-pressure water jet flushing. SK 180E is specially designed to control synchronous and asynchronous motors. It has energy-saving operation function under partial load, so it is very energy-saving: motor power can automatically adapt to load changes. Like all Nord inverters, nordac base integrates PLC. The intelligent driving electronic equipment can also reduce the load of higher-level system control units and realize modular factory design. Its application data can be evaluated in real time through distributed PLC, such as optimizing diagnostic facilities. Nord can also adjust SK 180E for explosive environment for use, and according to specific application fields (Conductive or non-conductive dust) Replace the transparent diagnostic cap made of aluminum and glass so that the inverter can be used directly in hazardous areas (ATEX 22-3D). Due to its durability, flexibility and reliability, nordac base of nord transmission system is an economical distributed model suitable for simple drive applications. SK 180E is suitable for conveyor, pump, internal logistics, packaging and food industries. Nordac base inverter of nord transmission group has the basic functions of pump and Conveyor technology, such as PI/speed control, energy saving, and can communicate with peripheral equipment.
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