NI introduces first IP67 controller

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-24
A few days ago, NI announced the launch of NI's first IP67 controller IC-3173 industrial controller. The new controller is very suitable for use as an edge node of the industrial internet of things in harsh environments, including spray manufacturing environment, test unit and outdoor environment, and does not need to protect the shell. IP67 protection grade can ensure the stable operation of the machine in dust and humid environment in strict accordance with IEC 60529 standard. The industrial controller is a high-performance fanless device, providing high-performance processing and connection functions, and is suitable for automatic image processing and control applications in extreme environments. The highest configuration of this series of controllers is 2. 2GHz Intel Core i7 dual Core processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB storage capacity, four Power over Ethernet (PoE)GigE port, two USB 3. 0 port and two DisplayPorts, rugged, no moving parts, IP protection level to IP67. The industrial controller also includes a user programmable Xilinx Kintex- 7 FPGA to improve system performance by providing customized I/O timing, synchronization, control and image co-processing functions. 'NI industrial controllers have a powerful set of I/O resources. We only need one controller to meet various automation requirements, including testing, vision, motion control and digital I/O. ”Federal- Jordan Larson, manufacturing engineer of Mogul power train, said, 'for sports and conditioning I/O, using the built-in EtherCAT master node greatly reduces the wiring and debugging time of our self-developed automated machine. After using the industrial controller, the cost of each camera is also greatly reduced compared with other cameras previously used for machine vision. With NI's industrial controller, we reduced the number of components inside the machine and integrated all the control software into one platform, which we could not have done before. 'NI is continuously developing time-sensitive networks that can support (TSN) Industrial controllers are part of our new products. TSN is IEEE 802. 1 The Evolution of Ethernet standard provides distributed time synchronization, low latency, time-critical and network traffic convergence. In addition to using TSN for communication between controllers, engineers can also integrate highly synchronized sensor measurements using the TSN-based Computex chassis released by NI earlier this year.
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