New: 'the sixth generation high voltage inverter' technology innovation 'fruit

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
The latest & other; The sixth generation machine & throughout; Is by studying a large number of customer demand and well-designed products, pour into the r&d staff of hard sweat, is the crystallization of wisdom. According to Dr Wei Xuesen general introduction, & other; The sixth generation machine & throughout; Has the new breakthrough on the structure and performance. PCB to optimize, control and unit fiber quantity reduced by half, communication more efficient and more comprehensive protection, reduce the cost and design more tend to humanization. “ The sixth generation machine & throughout; After the successful development and technical personnel of the new prototype through a variety of means testing and validation. Through a variety of detection means, through the most rigorous situation of all kinds of test and test, confirm the product reach the expected design requirements. After input field use products, favored by users. “ The sixth generation machine & throughout; High reliability design is especially suitable for all kinds of bad environment, powerful features can easily implement control requirements, simplify the installation, debugging, link, to meet customer needs and create more value for our customers. Innovation of science and technology, create the future. In 2011 the new scenery and yankuang group reached a strategic cooperation, realize the combination. “ Five-year & throughout; Period, the new scenery in Qingdao and other cities set up r&d center, intensify to attract top talent, increase r&d investment, to ensure the lead in the field of energy saving, new energy, better service to customers. New scene for building a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society to make due contributions.
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