New Japan launched wireless frequency converter is suitable for portable devices

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
Mixer NJM2288 IC products have mixers, local amplifier and bias circuit, can input RF antenna receiving ( 射频) Signal and local signal from the local oscillation circuit, and carries on the frequency conversion, convert it to an IF ( InterFrequency: intermediate frequency) 。 Current market sales of low power wireless devices with specific IC has equipped with a built-in mixer circuit, but due to lack of gain mixer circuit is mostly made up of discrete component. Mixer is composed of discrete component, it must be the external bias circuit is improved to compensate for temperature characteristic, this will increase the burden of circuit designers. NJM2288 has high gain, temperature characteristic is superior, low voltage, low current consumption, small packaging, etc, so that the above problem solved. NJM2288 has the following main features: the most suitable for battery-powered converter under small portable wireless devices. The remarkable conversion gain feature conversion gain = 9. 0dB( When using the input resistance = 870 & Omega; The MCF ( MonolithicCrystalFilter single crystal filter) When) Temperature characteristic: conversion gain deviation & plusmn; 2. 0dB( - - - - - - 40℃~+85℃) Running low voltage, low current consumption minimum working voltage = 2. 0 = 2 v/consumption current. 8mA( 429 mhz, 2。 2 v) Small size, using small package ( 糊涂人- 23 - 6 ( MTP6) , the actual packaging size: 2. 9× 2. 8× 1. 3mm) , built-in bias circuit can reduce external additional components, reduced the PCB footprint area. The next page 12 >
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