New: citic heavy industries Ren Qin enterprise transformation did not retreat, is imperative

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-10
Walking in citic heavy industries, new marina district high-end electro-hydraulic base new millions of super clean workshop, journalists feel is not only a cross, but an almost through the illusion. This is a once extremely heavy bulk products for production features of heavy enterprises, today, from the product of the birth of this workshop is small and small, very minimal, high-end products with frequency conversion for electric drive, none of the industrial automation equipment, which is the core part of the most valuable. In the past year, through small converter, a heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises is undergoing the crossover development for power electronics industry change. “ Break the inherent concept and habit, out of the home business and operation mode, to run in an uncertain future, it is a strategic consideration. ” Citic heavy industries chairman Ren Qin new thought, the enterprise transformation did not retreat, is imperative. At present, the citic heavy industry has more than 20, grinding, beneficiation process spectrum all series, including process test, process selection, engineering design, product design, manufacture, supply of complete sets of host, project total package, such as the globalization service, on a global scale is hard to find out the second companies. But Ren Qin new look farther, because he was seeking the enterprise into the bright future. “ Transformation is not capacity booth pie, is not a simple new product development. There is a huge risk transformation, only transformation of determination and courage are not enough. ” Ren Qin new thought, for some industry or enterprise, from the technological progress of the effects of industrial transformation may be greater. Yesterday, citic heavy industries in the inverter when buying time and experience foreign brands LongDuanShi arrogance. More than 20 years of dream again took office ooze new mind: & other; For large equipment has its own frequency conversion control system in China! ” Reporter clearly remember, 2013 national & other; The two sessions & throughout; During Ren Qin new one & other; Throughout the board &; , confidently said: & other; Citic heavy industry to do the Chinese industrial specialized high-end inverter, citic heavy industrial frequency conversion industry of the national brand to do! ” At that time, all the people present for a track machinery manufacturing enterprises to enter the power electronics industry. However, a dream come true. On August 8, 2014, citic heavy industries solemnly announced to the social from all walks of life: citic heavy industries CHIC1000 series and CHIC2000 series of low speed, overload, high power industry dedicated inverter, after a year of safe, reliable and trouble-free industrial trial operation, has been successfully completed research and development, pilot plant and industrial commissioning the whole process of the inspection, have fully to the market requirement. They successfully developed CHIC2100 series, CHIC3000 series, the series of CHIC6000 series inverter, range of application includes mine hoist, half from the mill, ball mill, cement mill machine, belt machine, fan and water pump, etc. Application industry to coal, mining, energy conservation, environmental protection, cement, building materials and metallurgy industries. Has been exported to Australia, Iran, Congo ( Cloth) , Mongolia, Ukraine and other countries. Is the municipal water supply, petrochemical and electrical power industries. Its CHIC1000, CHIC2000 series industrial special inverter was named national innovative products. Marina district's new Iraq high-end electro-hydraulic production base, formed the scale of production capacity. However, in this new sense led citic heavy industry to power electronics industry in the process of the transformation of the cross-border: the beginning is too high to & other; A large, heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises, in power electronics industry, such as high frequency conversion equipment, up to now still have a lot of people don't understand, even within the enterprise have the voice of the question. ” The next page 12>
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