Mr. Transmission: skilled in inverter hit many areas development

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-17
After a larger domestic inverter manufacturers, diversification development seems to have become a law. And diversified businesses want to be stronger and competitive, focus on niche business is a shortcut. As the first domestic research and development, production and sales of inverter products, one of Mr. Transmission after 20 years of precipitation and accumulation, has changed from single frequency converter production enterprise can grow into industrial automation products and solutions for customers to provide all of the comprehensive enterprise. What achievements have been made in the development of diversified product? Mr. Transmission and how to take the opportunity of industry market segment? For this reason, this interview with our special interview to euromonitor Xu Kaili transmission electric co. , LTD. Market development manager, he has done for us, please answer. Based on the frequency converter to two or morethings diversification as the domestic first dedicated to the research and development of ac motor frequency converter of national high and new technology enterprise, one of the transmission in the field of frequency converter has colorful, will & other; Intelligent control. Efficient. Energy saving. Low carbon & throughout; Concept into the product, help the user to create a lot of value, rewards media will not only won the industry sector, has been the attention of the society from all walks of life. In November 2012, CCTV13 'breaking news' broadcast a continuous heavy snow in urumqi heating company according to the temperature outside, constantly adjusting the parameters of the heating, to ensure that residents of normal heating in the home. Video, urumqi heating companies use of frequency converter is provided by euromonitor transmission company F2000 - P series fan pump special inverter. F2000 - P series inverter is the drive earlier launched special inverter, after years of market validation, has been running successfully in many industrial control automation. The inverter is euromonitor transmission based on general frequency converter function, in view of the special inverter motor load new design, have abundant time control and the PID function. This series of frequency converter drag way have single pump mode, yituo two fixed mode, yituo two rotation mode, yituo many fixed mode, yituo many rotation mode, is suitable for the industrial application field fan pump type load. Based on the frequency converter products based, and the transmission also developed the soft starter, servo system, man-machine interface and PLC and other industrial automation control products. Manager xu talked about in the purpose of these products: with the widely application of the frequency converter products, customers hope we not only provide inverter, can they provide the overall solution, thus derived from the production of PLC and touch screen control equipment requirements. Although these are not the mainstream of euromonitor transmission products, but with the same brand of equipment, brought one more choice for the user, and in technology, service and maintenance more convenient and so on various aspects. Today, Mr. Transmission in driving, exercise, automatic control products, three areas are accordingly and in continuous integration, aimed to provide the optimal solution. The next page 12>
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