Mr. E2000 series inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-19
E2000 series frequency converter integrates the r drive the latest technology, adopts the modular design, easy to operate, is a powerful system that can be built-in EMI filter, to strengthen the electromagnetic compatibility design, compact structure, novel appearance, fully automated patch on the production process, to ensure the reliability and stability of the product. Industry widely applied, such as offset printing machine, traction equipment, printing, textile, papermaking, etc. E2000 series inverter is the company developed a new generation of vector frequency converter, using 32-bit DSP digital processor, the system function is rich, it is high efficiency, high power factor, fast dynamic response, high precision, low noise, can satisfy the customer higher requirements. Product features: the optimization of magnetic flux control, to further improve the low frequency output torque can set of V/F curve and custom curve of ultra low noise, carrier frequency can be adjusted between 2 k to 10 k control protection timely and reliable, high system stability optional built-in filter can be compatible with European level interface standard advanced vector control technology, make the control more accurate, more excellent dynamic performance, Only E2000) Torque automatically ascend, starting torque / 0 150%. 5 hz, the precision of the torque control & plusmn; 5% ( Only E2000) The frequency of 0. 50-650. 0Hz( 第V /(F) , 0. 50-200. 0Hz( SVC) And a resolution reached 0. 01 hz main functions: can be built-in braking unit can be built-in EMI filter line and plain way, the custom line model, and automatic torque compensation mode, to adapt to the variety of modes of load point moving speed control and multistage velocity control of motor speed, analog control of motor speed, speed pulse control of motor speed, the upper machine speed regulating a variety of ways R485 standard communication interface, realize the Modbus PC control, can control more than one inverter synchronous operation with NPN and PNP bipolar input mode provides eight digital input terminal and 2 road digital output terminals analog input terminal 2 road, multi-function relay output terminals 1 road, two-way analog output terminals have frequency preset function, operation can be convenient to set before the frequency current stall dc brake function can prevent the built-in custom corresponding voltage output frequency speed tracking function ( Only E2000) Automatic voltage regulation function has negative analog input AI1 channel function ( Only 18. More than 5 kw models)
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