Motor manufacturers interpret motor industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
Motor manufacturers interpret the motor industry and are engaged in thermal generators in the motor industry. Domestic manufacturers, Harbin Electric Group and Dongdian group are the three major factories with extraordinary strength. After that, they are Beizhong, followed by Nanjing steam turbine generator and Qilu motor, changjiang power group, let's talk about the motor, Jiamusi motor factory, Nanyang Explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof double male needless to say, and Shenyang motor factory, Lanzhou motor factory, xiangtan motor factory is also an old motor manufacturer. It is not easy to say that mobile phone typing is not comprehensive enough. Please forgive me. It is not particularly clear to other industries that it is engaged in the permanent magnet AC servo synchronous motor industry. As far as permanent magnet AC servo synchronous motor is concerned, the main motor is characterized by high control precision, high motor efficiency and large product (The same volume output energy is large). Therefore, it is widely used in the field of industrial control. The industrial industry requires as little pollution as possible, energy conservation and high execution efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in industries that reduce pollution, save energy and have high execution efficiency. For example: injection molding machine industry; CNC machine tool industry; Industrial robots; Textile machinery; Wait. . . . . . There are also special applications such as astronomical telescopes that require the use of AC servo synchronous motors. ① The overview of the development status of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor industry; ② the interpretation of the four key industrial chains of machinery manufacturing, information system, control automation and intelligent equipment; ③ the analysis of investment trends and the state of enterprise capital market, ④introduction of 166 affiliated enterprises and details of financing information. Electronic information technology is mature and Mechatronics has become a new trend. With the application of electronic information technology in products becoming more and more mature, the combination of traditional motor technology and electronic information technology has produced'Mechatronics'Products. 'Mechatronics'Also known as'Mechanical electronics' , Is the introduction of electronic technology in the main function, power function, information processing function and control function of the mechanism, and organically combines mechanical devices, electronic equipment and software. Related reading: stepper motor manufacturers tell you why the motor shaft is expensive? Future Development Trend of stepping motor closed-loop and integrated TAG motor manufacturers
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