Motor manufacturers explain motor application fields

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
Motor manufacturers explain the application field of motors. Today, what we bring to you is where brushless stepping motors are used in daily use. In fact, in general, most of them are used in the automobile manufacturing industry and automation equipment, industrial control equipment, aerospace, robotics and many other fields. In fact, it is still necessary to divide the continuous load occasions. These are generally used in some occasions where the precision is not too high, but there are still some requirements for rotational speed, hair dryers, the general cost of electric fan pumps and so on is relatively cheap. As well as some occasions with high requirements for characteristics, and another one is that the load can be controlled, but this is that the rotating speed needs to be changed. For motor rotating speed and some occasions with high requirements for characteristics, such as automobile oil pumps, the air compressor, the dryer and other places can be controlled for the load, and the rotating speed, in addition to the use of stepping motors, people are also slowly using brushless motors. In some places, there is no way to use traditional stepping motors. At this time, brushless motors are needed. There are also many advantages. of. Related reading: why can't servo motors rotate at high speed? Interpretation of fault indicator light of brushless stepping motor driver TAG motor manufacturer
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