Motor industry under the background of new energy vehicles

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-26
In the past few years, various countries have been trying to find new energy sources to replace the resources such as oil that are about to dry up. Therefore, new energy vehicles have become the focus of people's attention and a trend in the future development of the automobile industry. The state has recently attached great importance to new energy vehicles. It is included in the key development industries in the 12th Five-Year Plan. The future new energy vehicles will have broad development space. Many enterprises have already targeted the new energy automobile industry, and all enterprises have shown a eager attitude. However, the prospects are good, but the technology is very lacking. In order to make a difference in the new energy automobile industry, technological breakthroughs in major components are necessary. For example, high-efficiency and low-energy motors and vehicle batteries with large storage capacity and small volume. Relevant experts said that the main beneficiaries of the future new energy automobile industry may be some core component manufacturers. The main reasons are that the cost of new energy vehicle batteries and technological breakthroughs are a big bottleneck, minerals are also very scarce, and the vehicle industry is relatively messy. If there is a breakthrough in the major motor industry and battery industry, it will promote the development of new energy vehicles. TAG
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