Moment angle characteristics of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-16
The moment angle characteristics of stepping motor, the zero position of stepping motor-- The rotor is at the equilibrium point, and the offset angle-- The rotor deviates from the included angle qe of the zero position line, and the offset angle changes within the range of the pitch angle. For convenience, the range of the pitch angle is regarded as 2p electric angle. 1. Single-phase power-on, moment angle characteristics when single-phase power-on 2. Multi-phase power-on, moment angle characteristics when multi-phase power-on can be approximately obtained by superposition of moment angle characteristics when each phase is individually powered on, the moment angle characteristic of the three-phase motor with two-phase energization is that for the three-phase stepping motor, the maximum torque when the two-phase is energized is the same as that when the single-phase is energized, that is to say, three-phase stepping motor cannot increase the maximum torque by increasing the number of energized phases. 3. Single step operation and maximum load capacity 1)Load Tl TL--Rotor acceleration--To the new balance point a ·Sports. The continuous maximum driving torque provided by stepping operation is the ordinate Tq of the intersection point of A and B curves. Only when the load turns short Tl Related reading: Evolutionary history of stepping motor what are the reasons for the position inaccuracy of stepping motor and the moment angle characteristics of TAG stepping motor
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