Mitsubishi Electric expands 'X series HVIGBT module' product lineup

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-21
Mitsubishi Electric Co. , Ltd. will release 8 products of 'X series HVIGBT ※ 1 module' from September ( Including voltage levels 3. 3kV, 4. 5kV, and 6. 5kV). The products on sale this time are new products of power semiconductor modules, which are mainly used in railway traction, power transmission, large-scale industrial equipment and other fields requiring high withstand voltage, large current and high reliability. This product will be in 'TECHNO-FRONTIER 2017-MOTORTECH JAPAN -'(Held on April 19-21) “PCIM ※ 1 Europe 2017 ”( Held in Nuremberg, Germany, on May 16-18) And 'PCIM ※ 1 Asia 2017 '(Held in Shanghai, China from June 27-29)On display. X series HVIGBT module ※ 1 High Voltage Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor: characteristics of new High Voltage Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor products 1. realize the rated current at the top level of the industry and contribute to the large capacity of the inverter. Add 3. 3kV to the 'X Series (1200A/1800A), 4. 5kV level ( 900A/1350A/1500A), 6. 5kV level (600A/900A) A total of 8 products · 3. 3kV and 4. 5kV have realized the rated currents of 1800A and 1500A at the industry's top level ※ 2, which can realize larger capacity inverters ※ 2 as of April 5, 2017, according to the company's survey 2. application of 7th generation IGBT and RFC diode to contribute to the miniaturization of inverter? The 7th generation IGBT and RFC diode ※ 4 silicon chip technology with Mitsubishi CSTBTTM ※ 3 structure is adopted, compared with previous products ※ 5, the power loss is reduced by about 20%. Compared with previous products ※ 5 with the same withstand voltage and rated current, the overall size is reduced by about 33 cm, which can contribute to the miniaturization of the inverter. The whole series of products have achieved a working guarantee temperature of 150 ℃, thus simplifying the design of the inverter cooling system, it is beneficial to the miniaturization of the inverter ※3 carrier storage trench gate bipolar transistor ※4 Relaxed Field of catode: the company's unique diode, the comparison between 5 X series CM1200HC-66X and H series CM1200HC-66H 3. by optimizing the packaging structure, contribute to improving the reliability of the inverter. By optimizing the internal structure of the packaging, improve the heat dissipation, moisture resistance and flame retardancy, and prolong the service life of the product.
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