Midea Air conditioning will invest 5 billion to build an intelligent factory

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-21
' Although now the air conditioning industry began a price war, but I believe that the industry growth space is still very large. Facing the market in 2016, Midea Air conditioning will continue to adhere to the boutique strategy and do a good job in its products. ' A few days ago, Wu Wenxin, president of the household air conditioning division of Midea Group, said at the National Air conditioning distributor conference in Midea. In addition to setting up the main venue in Beijing, Midea air conditioner also set up distributor sub-venues in 42 regions of the country including Zhejiang. This is the first time in the history of Midea's air-conditioning that the zero-sale is unified, and it is also the adjustment that Midea's air-conditioning should make to the future air-conditioning market. Wu Wenxin revealed that in order to take this high-quality strategic Road, Midea's air conditioner insists on independent scientific research, invests no less than 3% of its revenue in scientific research funds every year, and insists on moving from Made in China to China. Zhizhi'Build. ' In today's era, in addition to doing a good job in the appearance of the product, the process, but also to keep up with the Internet era, to promote the popularity of intelligent air conditioning. In the next five years, Midea air conditioner will invest 5 billion yuan to build an intelligent factory to ensure the reliability and consistency of product quality. ' On the day of the event, Midea air conditioner launched intelligent air conditioning products such as comfort star, mute star and power-saving star.
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