Maximum no-load speed of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-11
What is the real meaning of the highest speed of stepping motor no-load? The highest speed of two-phase stepping motor can reach more than 2000 rpm, but it is only a reference value, there is no practical significance, because the torque of the stepping motor decreases rapidly with the increase of the rotating speed, and the torque is almost zero when the rotating speed reaches a certain level. Stepping Motor in the whole step without subdivision (One turn for every 200 pulses) By increasing the clock frequency, people often find that the motor is locked when it is far from reaching the maximum speed of no-load, so that it is not clear what the maximum speed is, and even doubt whether its system is normal, this is the real reason. The operation performance of stepping motor at low speed is of practical significance, which is generally 300 to 600 revolutions per minute. Considering that the user uses mechanical deceleration device with load, the motor should provide sufficient torque, the normal speed of the motor is often selected to be tens of revolutions per minute. At this time, is the motor powered, efficient and low in noise? As for the vibration problem, it is solved by increasing the driver subdivision. The Calculation Formula of the highest no-load speed is: no-load speed (Turn/minute) = 60 times the clock frequency/200 times the subdivision (M is a subdivision) If M = 16 and clock frequency = 150 KHZ, the maximum no-load speed is about 2800 rpm, I . e. 60 times 150000, divided by the product of 200 and 16. Excellent recommendation: stepping motor driver/Related reading: Factors determining step angle of stepping motor, calculation method of stepping motor torque TAG stepping motor no-load
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