Matters needing special attention in inverter maintenance-V & T

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-14
1. There is a large electrolytic capacitor inside the inverter. After the power supply is cut off, there is still residual voltage on the capacitor. Therefore, after the power supply is disconnected for about 10 min, maintenance can only be performed when the 'charge' indicator is completely turned off or the positive and negative bus voltages are confirmed to be below 36 V. 2. It must be a professional to replace the parts. It is strictly forbidden to leave the thread or metal inside the inverter, otherwise the equipment will be damaged. 3. It is best to record the key parameters inside the inverter before maintenance. 4. After replacing the main control panel, the parameters must be modified before power-on operation, otherwise the related equipment may be damaged. 5. Do not wire or plug in the connection plug when the power is on. 6. The output terminal of the inverter is not allowed (U, V, W)Connected to the current grid power supply. 7. The inverter has passed the withstand voltage test before leaving the factory. The user does not need to perform the withstand voltage test, otherwise the device will be damaged.
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